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The importance of staff wellbeing — 7 top tips

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 13, Oct 2021
23 min read
6 min read

The importance of staff wellbeing — 7 top tips

We don’t need to tell you how important it is for you as teachers to look after yourselves and the rest of your team. We can’t look after our pupils properly if we aren’t mindful of our own health and...

4 min read

9 productivity tips to make teachers’ lives easier

Do you feel like you work constantly, but never get anything done? Being a teacher is often wonderful, but all-consuming. The workload is huge and it’s very easy for things to feel like they’re gettin...

7 min read

5 inventive literacy games for EYFS

As a teacher, you’re always on the lookout for short and effective activities. Your pupils just want to have fun. So, let’s combine the two, shall we? We love discovering inventive ideas that fellow t...

Sensory classroom strategies to inspire writing

Sensory classroom strategies are commonplace for SEND pupils. I’d argue, however, they might benefit all children. After all, many pupils find it difficult to express the sensory details that make a p...

7 smashing sensory trays for writing practice

As far as simple classroom tools go, it’s hard to beat a sensory writing tray! From those that aren’t quite at the writing stage yet, but want to develop their mark making skills, to emerging writers ...

7 min read

Ranches’ journey with Pobble — the best writing in Dubai!

Andi Price is a teacher and Pobble Champion at Ranches Primary School in Dubai. Here, he shares his Pobble journey and tells us how he transformed his class’ writing to become the best writing in Duba...

4 min read

Empowering Pupils with Pobble

At Pobble, we love to celebrate our fellow teachers and the wonderful work that goes on in schools to inspire children. We simply have to love The Positive Teacher Company! Recently founded by a prima...

3 min read

Supporting your child with writing at home

Although your child is learning the basics of writing at school, the development of these skills must be encouraged at home, too. Luckily, it’s easy to support and nurture, there’s much you can do. En...

6 min read

9 books to inspire great lessons

We’ve picked the brains of some of our teaching community to discover their favourite books to inspire great writing. There are some classics, but also a few lesser-known suggestions. We hope they pro...

7 min read

3 ways to use tech to support your teaching

The Pobble team is privileged to visit so many classrooms around the world. We regularly meet wonderful teachers who are doing great things to inspire and support their students. We’ve reached out to ...

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