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Empowering Writers: Celebrating Creativity with Pobble

  • by: Sarah Macaskill, Head of Primary at Smart Vision School
  • On: 18, Mar 2024
12 min read

At Smart Vision School, celebrating writers is an integral part of our culture, fostering a love for writing and empowering students from FS1 to Year 7. Every week, we recognise our budding authors with the use of Pobble.

The celebration kicks off every Friday with the unveiling of the writer of the week. Each class teacher selects a student within their class, taking into account various factors beyond just writing proficiency. This inclusivity ensures that every student, regardless of their skill level, feels valued and supported in their writing journey.

The students' writing is uploaded onto the Pobble website, where they are recognised as published authors. This digital platform not only celebrates their achievements but also provides a wider audience for their writing, amplifying their sense of accomplishment. In addition to the online recognition, the students' work is prominently displayed on the TV in the school reception along with a photograph of the students holding the Pobble writing frame. This visual display further reinforces their status as esteemed writers within our school community.


The impact of this ritual on our students and teachers is profound. Witnessing their writing showcased in such a public manner ignites a sense of pride and motivation among the students. They eagerly anticipate the opportunity to be recognised as the writer of the week, driving them to put forth their best efforts in every writing assignment. It's a moment of immense pride for the students, who beam with joy as they see their writing displayed prominently for all to admire.


As a result of these celebrations, we've observed a remarkable improvement in the quality of writing across our school. Students are more engaged, motivated, and enthusiastic about expressing themselves through writing. By instilling a love for writing from an early age and providing meaningful opportunities for recognition, using Pobble has truly transformed our school into a community of confident and proficient writers.

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