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Busting statutory moderation myths: Expert insights for teachers

  • by: Laura Bailey, former school leader, experienced moderation manager and Pobble's Head of Moderation and Assessment.
  • On: 11, Apr 2024
55 min read
14 min read

Busting statutory moderation myths: Expert insights for teachers

Every year, as we head into the final term of the year, I speak with Year 6 teachers who tell me they are nervous about being selected for statutory external moderation. We unpick together what is cau...

8 min read

Maximising impact: 9 simple steps to achieve effective moderation sessions

Ensure your moderation opportunities are purposeful and positive with my expert tips! Moderation isn't just about validating assessment judgments; it's a valuable opportunity to celebrate achievements...

Make writing moderation easier and improve the accuracy of your assessment judgements

We know that teaching and assessing writing has always been a challenge for many teachers. After a difficult few years, and seeing a large drop in national writing results, we're hearing from lots of ...

4 min read

How to make the moderation of writing a positive experience

We can almost hear a collective groan at the mention of the word moderation. We get it, you have more fun things to do! But it is necessary. In fact, it’s more than necessary: it’s extremely valuable ...

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