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Maximising impact: 9 simple steps to achieve effective moderation sessions

  • by: Laura Bailey, former school leader, experienced moderation manager and Pobble's Head of Moderation and Assessment.
  • On: 11, Apr 2024
31 min read

Maximising impact: 9 simple steps to achieve effective moderation sessions

Ensure your moderation opportunities are purposeful and positive with my expert tips! Moderation isn't just about validating assessment judgments; it's a valuable opportunity to celebrate achievements...

2 min read

Empowering Writers: Celebrating Creativity with Pobble

At Smart Vision School, celebrating writers is an integral part of our culture, fostering a love for writing and empowering students from FS1 to Year 7. Every week, we recognise our budding authors wi...

7 min read

Whole School Writing Impact: Our Journey with Pobble

Ali Findlayson is Head of Primary at Queens British Grammar School, Estepona. Here she shares how she ran a Pobble whole school writing day and how it can motivate your young writers and build a cultu...

15 min read

Writing competition: All the Write Ingredients

A free writing competition with a healthy eating twist! 🥦🧀🍎 Picture this: a classroom buzzing with excitement, young minds ignited with creativity, and the aroma of imagination filling the air. In ...

14 min read

Writing competition: Growing healthy minds

Please note - this competition is now closed. Sign up for a free Pobble account to be the first to hear about our future competition opportunities. 🏆 And the winner is... Congratulations to Alicia fr...

21 min read

9 powerful ways to engage and motivate your class to write

Prior to founding Pobble, I spent 16 happy years as a primary school teacher and deputy head. The final school I worked in was a hub for pupils with EAL (English as an additional language) also childr...

11 min read

Why your school should become a Pobble School, a headteachers story

Rachael Wilding is the Principal at Smart Vision School, a British Curriculum School in Dubai, you can follow Racheal on Twitter here. As a school, we've been with Pobble for three years now and seen ...

9 min read

How to use short burst writing to improve writing stamina

Sam Keys is Deputy Headteacher at a Primary School in Newcastle. As well as being the Deputy, Sam is also the SENCo and Year 6 teacher. He’s been using Pobble in his classroom for a few years now. Her...

10 min read

The Mighty Write 2022

Submissions for The Mighty Write 2022 are now closed. Visit for more ways to inspire and motivate your class to write 💡 The winner of The Mighty Write 2022 is Mila from East Fremantle Prim...

12 min read

Improve your pupils’ writing with real work from their peers

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