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The ultimate list of ways to use Pobble to inspire writing

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 15, Jun 2023
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The ultimate list of ways to use Pobble to inspire writing

For those of you who are new to Pobble (where have you been?!?), we'll answer that all-important question...

Inspire writing creativity for the BBC's 500 Words Competition

The BBC 500 Words Competition is back for 2023 and Pobble is delighted to be an official partner!

Top Tips for International School English Leaders

Jess Reynolds is a KS2 Class Teacher and English Subject Leader at Kellett School in Hong Kong. Here she shares her top tips for English Leaders.

6 sports-themed prompts to inspire spectacular writing

Sports mad class? Channel their enthusiasm for sports into a spectacular piece of writing.

Fun ideas for teaching your class to write instructions

Teaching your class how to write instructions can be tricky. Instructional texts usually tell the reader how to do something mundane and boring, like how to cook a meal or how to build a chair, but im...

Encourage imaginative writing with these 6 science fiction prompts

Science fiction is a popular writing genre with teachers and primary children alike. It allows them to explore exciting topics such as outer space, aliens, time machines, new technology or scientific ...

12 min read

Harness the Magic of Books: 9 Captivating Book-Themed Writing Prompts

There's no limit to what young writers can find in the pages of a book. Whether it's new ideas, morals or self-belief, books can empower them to achieve, they are also a powerful starting point when i...

Writing competition: Growing healthy minds

Please note - this competition is now closed. Sign up for a free Pobble account to be the first to hear about our future competition opportunities. 🏆 And the winner is... Congratulations to Alicia fr...

Five fairytale writing prompts to inspire magical writing

Once upon a time, there was a teacher looking for enchanting ways to inspire their class to write. They discovered the ready-made writing prompts on Pobble and lived happily ever after...

6 space themed prompts for out of this world writing!

Looking for some intergalactic inspiration? Children are fascinated by the mystery and wonder of outer space. It's a captivating topic to write about, plus, it can help them to develop a love of learn...

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