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How to use your Pobble account for maximum writing impact!

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 9, Jul 2021
35 min read

So, you've got a Pobble account... what now? Pobble was designed especially for making the teaching of writing easier and save teachers time so it's simple to navigate, straight forward and intuitive. You can dive straight in and get started or take a few minutes to read our top tips for getting the most of your account and using Pobble for maximum writing impact!

Top tip 1 - You can search, bookmark and edit Pobble 365

When you login to Pobble you'll see 'Today's Pobble 365 lesson'. Why not have a go at saving or editing this lesson and see how simple it is?


Screenshot 2021-07-09 at 12.55.08To demonstrate, we've taken 5 of the most popular Pobble 365 lessons and made them even better using our lesson builder and a few of our slide types, including extra images, word banks, activity slides, writing examples and more! If you'd like to give it a go, have a read of this blog post for some expert advice.

Top tip 2 - Join some free Pobble training

Investing a small amount of time now to learn what else you can do with your Pobble account could save you hours in the future. We have free CPD and training options to suit everyone. Just pick from the options below to learn more about Pobble!

  1. Videos - Access on-demand training videos on our getting started page for a flexible, step-by-step approach to learning more.
  2. Webinars - Join a free 30-minute CPD session with Pobble's co-founder Simon to find out everything you need to get started with Pobble. Sessions run every other day.
  3. One-to-one call - Book a 15-minute call for a conversation about how you can use Pobble most effectively in your setting. 

We hope this will be the best time investment you'll make this term and have a huge impact on writing in your class! 

Top tip 3 - Inspire your class with WAGOLLs

WAGOLL = what a good one looks like 📝

Children love to look at other children’s work, they connect with the writer because they know it’s someone real and even better, someone of their own age. The writing bank is a collection of hundreds of thousands of children's writing examples that have been published on Pobble from around the world. They are all searchable by age, topic and genre. After finding one you like simply save it for later to use in a lesson. Show your pupils what good writing looks like and open their minds to what's possible!

Read how to inspire children's writing with real-life examples from their peers here. 

Top tip 4 - Develop cross-curricular writing with themed lessons

As well as Pobble 365 lessons, we've created 38 theme-based lessons that are age-differentiated and aligned to the curriculum so that you can save hours of planning time. Have a look at our curriculum map here!

pobble curriculum mapThese lessons, designed to be taught over one week, are filled with vocabulary, SPaG and creative writing activities to build up skills in preparation for a longer write at the end of the theme.

Use the curriculum map, or search by age, genre, topic or keyword to find the right theme-based lesson for your class.

What are you teaching about next? Find a themed based lesson that suits you.

Top tip 5 - Get children writing at home with Pobble News

Have you discovered our Pobble News lessons yet? Every week you'll find a brand new child-friendly Pobble News lesson, covering an interesting story in the news from around the world. Encourage independent learning and get children writing at home by giving your class a Pobble News lesson for homework.

You can send the lessons directly to your pupils through pupil accounts. Pupils can then type or photograph their work, submit it back to you through Pobble where you can mark it to publish! Learn more about our Pupil Tools here. 

Check out our Pobble News lessons. 

Top tip 6 - Get creative with our writing specific tools

You can easily create beautiful writing lessons with our lesson builder tool which has 11 writing specific slide types. 

Pobble slide typesYou have the option to add one of our ready-made slides, including images, word banks, success criteria, activity slides and writing examples or edit them to add to your own creations. It's super simple to use and writing relevant because we designed it especially for teachers. Just access the builder and add a new slide to see what's possible!

Create your first lesson or learn more about creating and editing Pobble resources here.

Top tip 7 - Pupils can upload their own work to become published authors

As well as giving your pupils access to Pobble lessons and thousands of real-life writing examples to inspire them to write, they can also submit their own typed or handwritten work from their pupil accounts. Your pupils will be ridiculously excited to see their published work on Pobble for our global audience to see! Set up your class today or read about how publishing improves writing standards here.

Ready to give some of these ideas a try? Head to Pobble to get started...

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