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How publishing children’s writing can improve standards

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 12, Apr 2021
23 min read

Teachers get to read some incredible work and frequently, we are the only ones who get to read it. We’re often bowled over with its sheer imagination and force (for young writers can transliterate their experience of the world in ways which us older writers can only ever nostalgically dream of). We take in that work, we mark it and we give it back. It’s placed in a book or a folder and mostly, never seen again. What a waste!

Your class spend time planning, crafting, editing, then writing up their work, it’s only right after that effort that it’s shared and celebrated. It’s dispiriting, to say the least, to carry on when you have no guarantee whatsoever that anyone will ever actually read the thing. If we know this feeling as adults, it must be extra frustrating for children.

Children have told us that it can be disheartening to keep writing without knowing who - except the teacher - will ever see it. Even for the most enthusiastic of writers, we wonder where their motivation will be to produce their best writing ever if no one except their teacher reads their efforts?

Pobble provides an opportunity for pupils to have their writing published and enjoyed by a safe, online, global community. Here's how publishing their writing will have a powerful impact on their writing standards:

A worldwide audience

Sharing and celebrating a piece of writing they have worked hard on fills children with confidence and makes them want to write more. An audience plays an important part in motivating and encouraging children to improve their work. That’s where Pobble comes in. The platform publishes the work of young writers online and shares it with a vast audience spread across the world. This audience is filled with teachers, parents and other children whom all can comment on and celebrate the writing on the website.

Pobble audience

A purpose to write

Children put more effort into their writing when they have a reason to write. Becoming a published author gives them a real purpose. Children can become published (or Pobblished as they prefer to call it) authors, with their writing shared with a safe, worldwide community of schools or on your individual school page.

Once they are published on Pobble, pupils receive feedback from their parents and a safe, global community of children and teachers all around the world! This builds confidence in their writing and motivates them to keep improving their work. Pupils are also encouraged to leave their peers feedback through Pobble’s commenting tool. They are supported to leave high quality, structured comments (positive and constructive). How’s that for peer assessment on a global scale! Read more about Pobble’s pupil tools.

A celebration of writing achievements 

Inclusivity is key to the success of Pobble: we celebrate the work of all children when they go above and beyond. Children will strive to overcome challenges that may have stopped them before. Neat handwriting and correct spellings and grammar are important, but they should not discourage children from writing. By providing your class with an audience you’re constantly inspiring your young writers to try their best. Publishing brings a sense of pride and achievement, that’s why they want their writing to be shared on Pobble! Imagine how children feel when their writing is celebrated with a worldwide audience!

Celebrating newly published authors in assembly, newsletters and on displays will raise the profile of writing across school.


Pobble celebration

As well as receiving feedback from their parents, and children and teachers from all over the world, they love Pobble’s celebration resources, such as ‘I’m a Published Author’ lanyards, stickers and certificates. Never has writing been such an exciting endeavour. Just imagine the impact of knowing that your work will be celebrated and read by people from all over the world! Nonetheless, our experience is that a local audience is just as important. Our most successful schools use the Pobble platform to involve pupils across all classes to peer assess.Pobble commenting

A positive impact on writing standards

These steps help your pupils' to build confidence in their writing and motivate them to keep improving their work. Sharing children’s writing will leave a lasting impact and improve writing standards! Which of your pupils will be the next Dahl, Dickens or Shakespeare? It all starts with excitement, and their experience as published authors on Pobble sets them off on the right path. Find out more about publishing children’s writing on Pobble or get started for free below.

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