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Here's how to get even more out of Pobble 365!

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 22, Jun 2021
60 min read

Love Pobble 365? Unleash its full potential in Pobble 365's new home - Pobble, the world’s most powerful platform for teaching, improving and assessing writing.

The power of Pobble 365!

We created Pobble 365 to make it easy for busy teachers to get their pupils engaged and excited about writing. Its power as a writing resource is undeniable. The unique, engaging images for every day of the year, with story starters, questions and writing challenges are popular around the globe.
For the hundreds of thousands of teachers from 160 countries who use Pobble 365 each month it has become an everyday staple for their classroom. Most importantly, that's over a million children being inspired to write each month! 
As part of our plan to inspire the next 10 million learners, we have upgraded Pobble 365 and found it a new, better home. Additionally, we're committing to make Pobble 365 free forever for teachers through their Pobble account.

Welcome to your new, better Pobble 365, free forever!

In its new home in the Pobble platform, Pobble 365 has an improved design and additional features! You can do so much more with it, meaning it can save you more time and can provide even more writing inspiration! Simply register for your Pobble Forever Free account and you'll get immediate access. 
Screenshot 2021-06-21 at 16.35.49
You'll find all 365 lessons, ready to go in our lesson builder which gives you new ways to use and adapt. To demonstrate the new updates, we've taken 5 of the most popular Pobble 365 lessons and made them even better using our lesson builder and a few of our new slide types, including extra images, word banks, activity slides, WAGOLLs and more!
Check these out these examples:
Pobble 365 What's new! Here's what you can now do with Pobble 365:
Bookmark your favourites
Have you ever wanted to save your favourite Pobble 365 lessons for later? Well now you can! Once you've found the resources you’d like to use, save them for later with a click of a button! You’ll always be prepared and ready to access them in your saved resources area. 
Search specific activities
If you've ever been looking for a Pobble 365 image related to subordinate clauses, semi-colons or another writing objective, then you'll know that it wasn't always easy. Now on Pobble, you can search specific activities! You’ll find our range of curated teaching resources, including all Pobble 365 activities. Simply set up your filters, and off you go.

Edit the content

We know it's frustrating when you find a piece of content that you'd like to use with your class, that just needs a tweak or two to make it perfect, so now, you can edit each of the Pobble 365 activities! Giving you control full control over the content and allowing you to differentiate to your hearts content. 

Add new slide types

You'll still find all the writing activities you love, but now you have the option to add new slide types especially designed for writing lessons, including word banks, success criteria, activity slides and writing examples! All editable! It's super simple to use and writing relevant because we designed it especially for teachers.
Screenshot 2021-06-21 at 13.22.48

Add writing examples

When you log in to the new Pobble, you’ll also gain free access to the Pobble Writing Bank, the world’s largest bank of children’s handwritten work! It's searchable by age, genre and topic. Ideal for exemplification, finding ideas and lesson inspiration. In most cases you’ll find work by children from around the world about each of the Pobble 365 images. Never again will you need to write your WAGOLLs yourself!

Present and share anywhere!

The final piece of the puzzle once you've found your ideal Pobble 365 activity is to share it wherever you need. Whether it's presenting on your whiteboard with the new present function, sending to pupils using 1:1 devices or for home learning using our pupil tools or sharing your best lessons with colleagues in school. Collaborative planning was never easier! 

Ready to explore and give it a try? Simply sign up now for a Forever Free Pobble account, or login to your existing Pobble account.

Inspire your young writers!

Engage and motivate your class with exciting writing ideas every day of the year. Visit our website to find out more. 

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