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11 awesome anti-bullying writing ideas

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 12, Nov 2020
25 min read

We've searched our extensive writing bank for the best anti-bullying writing ideas. As usual, our teaching community did not disappoint! Teachers like you, from around the world have shared some brilliant examples of anti-bullying writing ideas on Pobble. If you're looking for inspiration for your own class to enable them to discuss this important topic and explore emotions and feelings around it then check these out:

Agony Aunts and Uncles ✏️ 

How are your class at giving advice? Can they become agony aunts/uncles to help others who have experienced bullying? This is a wonderful writing activity to teach children how to write with empathy. Here's an example. 

Comic-book superheroes ✏️

A superhero that defends against bullying! Can your class create their own and turn them into a comic book superhero? A great opportunity for some fun writing that highlights the issues around bullying. You can see lots of examples here. 

Saying positive things ✏️

Learning how to talk about each other kindly is an important part of combatting bullying. Ask your class to write positive sentences about themselves or someone else and then share these kind words with everyone. Here's an example. 

Recipes for a good friend ✏️

What ingredients do you need to make a good friend? Ask your class to write the perfect recipe! What will they think is important to add? See lots of ideas here.

Humpty Dumpty's tale ✏️

What if Humpty Dumpty was pushed from the wall? How would he feel? This twist on the classic nursery rhyme will get your class exploring emotions. Here's a nice example. 

Diary entry ✏️

Ask your class to imagine themselves as someone that is being bullied and write a diary entry to explain their feelings. Writing from the viewpoint of a bullying victim will allow them to develop empathy. You can see an example here. 

Telling hand ✏️

Here's a fun and simple idea. Get the children to draw around their hand and then write on each finger who they can tell if they're worried or upset. It's important they know where to go and who to tell if they have concerns. Here's an example.

Poster design ✏️

Can your pupils create a striking poster that shares an important message? Ask them to include advice on what to do if someone is being bullied. You could then display these around the school or classroom. Check out this great example. 

Bullying reports ✏️

Get the important facts about bullying down in a clearly structure report. Your class could cover the types of bullying, what to do if you're being bullied, and where to get help. See an example here.

Kindness Kennings ✏️

Poems are always a good way to share ideas on an important topic and there are so many types of poetry you could try! We particularly like these kindness kennings or you could try some free verse poetry. You can find lots of examples here.

Friendship potions ✏️

Magic away bullying! What are the essential ingredients you'd need to create a potion to do that? Your class will enjoy choosing what to add in order to create a good friend. Here's a lovely example.


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