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11 common myths about Pobble… Busted!

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 15, Oct 2020
31 min read

We know that people frequently talk about Pobble, in fact, word of mouth is one of the main reasons that teachers join our community. We absolutely love it when that happens! We do however, hear misconceptions that might put people off and stop them from understanding the true value of Pobble. We want to support as many teachers as possible with writing so here are a few common myths about Pobble... Busted!

Myth 1 - “You can’t use Pobble alongside other tools...” 

FACT - The content on Pobble is accessible by all, however you choose to share it - Seesaw, Microsoft Teams, Google Classrooms or elsewhere, the choice is yours! All Pobble lessons contain a link that can be copied into other tools, this allows pupils to access a preview of the lesson without the need to login to Pobble. Rather than using a link you can also send all our content straight to a pupils device. Pupils can login, view lessons, then type or upload a piece of writing from their book and send it back to your online mark book. In our short webinars you can see this in action.

Myth 2 - “Pobble is expensive...”

FACT - Pobble is much more affordable than you think! We start with Forever Free accounts - a must-have for every teacher! Check out our pricing page for full details.

Myth 3 - “Pobble must be difficult to use...”

FACT - Pobble was designed by teachers. One of our biggest priorities is to help build a platform that makes teachers' lives easier. The site is simple to navigate, meaning you can easily search our content and access the teaching tools. We’ve got an amazing team of developers making the site as straightforward, intuitive and effective as possible for you AND your class. We’ve most recently launched our new pupil tools that allow children to receive lessons assigned from the teacher, self assess, upload their own writing and more; making Pobble better for teachers and reducing their workload! Join a webinar to see how easy it is! We also know that implementing anything new can be difficult so we offer full support throughout your Pobble journey. 

Myth 4 - “Pobble is only for creative writing...”

FACT - You only have to take two minutes looking at the work in our writing bank to realise that Pobble is so much more than just creative writing. We regularly see non-fiction, topic writing, science and more! It’s the world’s largest bank of children's handwritten work, sorted by age, genre and topic. Ideal for exemplification, finding ideas and lesson inspiration.

Myth 5 - “Pobble is a writing scheme...”

FACT - Pobble has tools and content to support all approaches to the teaching of writing. Many schools use Talk for Writing or other schemes alongside Pobble or teachers use Pobble lessons and Pobble 365 images to support their Big Writes.

Myth 6 - “You can only use Pobble as a whole school...”

FACT - We offer individual teacher accounts and whole school packages! You can go solo or collaborate with colleagues, whatever you need - we’ve got an account for you.

Myth 7 - “Pobble can’t be used outside of the British Curriculum”

FACT - Many schools use Pobble alongside other curriculums. The best thing about our lesson content is they are aligned with key writing objectives and also completely editable!

Myth 8 - “Pobble doesn’t have enough content for me”

FACT - We have over 250 ready-made lessons, plus starters and quick writes, as well as Pobble 365 - that’s 365 writing activities, one for every day of the year! You’ll also find our Pobble News resource which contains writing activities linked to current news stories, there’s a new one each week - ideal for homework activities! Best of all you can use the lesson builder to edit any of our content or create your own… The opportunities are endless!
Pobble also includes the world’s largest bank of children’s handwritten work. Our short webinars will show you the best to use all the great content, join one here.

Myth 9 - “There’s no typing on Pobble, only handwritten work” 

FACT - Our new pupil tools allow children to type their work directly into Pobble (among many other things!). Their work can then be uploaded and published by them too!

Myth 10 - “Pobble adds to the workload, it’s just an extra thing to do”

FACT - Pobble is actually proven to save teachers time! Research undertaken through the UCL Educate programme shows that Pobble reduces teacher lesson planning time by 39%. Even better, it was also found to improve pupils speed, confidence and enjoyment of writing, leading to improved attainment. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time available!

Myth 11 - "Pobble is just lessons"

FACT - Yes, we have ready-made lessons, but you can do so much more on Pobble! We've got everything you need to teach, improve and assess writing. You can plan and build your own inspiring lessons, engage your pupils with tools to write, edit and upload their work, then easily moderate writing judgements online. You can even publish your classes writing for the world to see! See it in action! 

It’s a no brainer… Think writing, think Pobble! Still not convinced? See what fellow teachers and school leaders think.

For any other questions and queries about Pobble, check out our Knowledge Base.

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