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Pobble writing lessons and how they can work for you

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 15, Sep 2021
29 min read

Looking for unique, curriculum-aligned, high-quality lessons? We can help!
Pobble began in the classroom, it’s where our heart is and why we’re so keen to help out in yours. We’ve made it easy for teachers to plan the best writing lessons and engage every student.

It's really important to us at Pobble that we aren't just a website where you download a video, resource or a PDF, actually, you know your children way better than anybody so we offer the ability to tweak the content to best suit your needs. Using Pobble’s lesson content is as simple as 1,2,3. Find, edit and share.

1) Find and save a lesson 

You start by finding the right lesson content for you and your class. If you need to save time planning you’re in luck; you’ll find age-specific lessons built for you and mapped to key curriculum writing objectives. Everything from lesson starters to week-long themes is searchable by age group, objective or topic. Every writing lesson, sorted!

On Pobble and you’ll find:

💡 Pobble 365 💡 – a unique, engaging, new image every day of the year, with story starters, questions and writing challenges. There's a new one FREE every day. 

Pobble 365 calendar

💡 Topic Writes 💡 – These longer, themed-based lessons cover a range of genres of writing and include a number of different writing activities, making them ideal for a week of literacy. They’re linked to one of 30 popular themes. 

Pobble Topic Writes

💡 Quick writes 💡 - These are perfect if you need a warm-up or if you're short of time and want to work on your pupils' writing skills. They begin with some thought-provoking images and are followed by open-ended questions or prompts to inspire some free-flowing writing.

Pobble Quick Writes

You can be confident you’re covering the whole writing curriculum with our ready-to-go content. Best of all the lessons are fun, interactive and engaging!

2) Edit a lesson 

Once you’ve found the lesson for you, Pobble allows you to edit any of the content. You can tweak and differentiate to your heart's content with our lesson builder tool!

Pobble Edit lessons

Make your lessons even more powerful with the addition of our unique slides, designed to support the teaching of writing. Try adding a word bank, a writing checklist, a YouTube clip, images, a link to an external website or even a piece of children's writing. On Pobble, you’ll find thousands of ‘real-life’ examples of children’s writing. It’s the world’s largest bank of children’s handwritten work, searchable by age, genre or topic. Ideal for exemplification, finding ideas and lesson inspiration. Can’t find the perfect lesson for you or feeling creative? You can easily build your own lessons using our unique slide types.

With every public presentation, we give you the ability to change the slides in three ways, you can change the age, the accessibility colour - ideal for dyslexic learners and the fonts - you can select a cursive font if you prefer. 

3) Share a lesson with pupils

All of the lessons are easily accessible wherever you need them - at home or in school. When you’re ready, you can share your lesson easily in a variety of ways. You can share via email, go full screen to present them to your class, print them out for home learning packs or homework, create a QR code, or share the link contained in each lesson into other tools, Seesaw, Microsoft Teams, Google Classrooms or elsewhere, the choice is yours!  

Pobble share lessons

Pobble helps you engage and motivate your class with a free, ready-made writing prompt every day, or you can unlock 365 days of inspiration, plus all of our additional lessons with a Pobble subscription. Head to Pobble to get started! 


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