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Writing prompts and story starters for every genre

by Jonny Davies
on November 20, 2015


When we launched Pobble 365 originally (back then, known as Picture of the Day), we didn’t know just how strongly it would take off. These days, though, we have a community of thousands of teachers around the world logging on daily to find creative writing lesson ideas, and artists who generously share their work to inspire students. Here are some of our favourite story starters for your class, whatever genre you’re looking to teach.

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owl eyes

“His coal-black pupils, an island set in a sea of molten gold, stared straight ahead of him. As he broke out into a run, his needle-like talons made a sharp, scraping sound against the lichen-covered rocks beneath him.

The wind gusting behind him would be beneficial as he took his leap of faith off the cliff top. It was always a risky business, but when an opportune moment like this came around, he had to make it count…”

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dragon eye looking at woman on tree

“She had lived in the forest all her life. It was her home.

When she called in her sweet, melodic voice, the forest came alive with life. Wild and wonderful creatures would flock to her side from far and wide, recognising their mother’s voice. This time, her voice betrayed a hint of panic; she would need her friends and family more than ever now…”

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giant stone fingers coming up out of the ground around a tree

“For a thousand years, he had been sleeping; now, he was awake.

The ground began to shake. A colossal, monstrous hand, which had been lying motionless in a seemingly eternal slumber just minutes earlier, emerged from the earth.

There was an almighty groan…”

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shadow on the water

“If you look very carefully at night, as the mist disappears, the shadow still stands there, guarding his home.  No one has ever seen him, only his shadow.  His boat travels silently up and down the river every night.  High in the tree, the door remains shut, lit only by a single light.  No visitors are seen, no noises heard, only the slight creaking of the wooden path leading to and from the tree.

Then one night, everything changed.  The shadow was gone and left in its place a …”

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Science fiction

animal eyes

“Hundreds of people crammed into the grand hall, waiting for the amazing news that had been promised. Reporters, camera crews, professors and medical experts all stood with baited breath as an elderly man hobbled slowly onto the stage. A hushed silence fell on the audience as the man approached the microphone.

Suddenly, a huge spotlight illuminated a small wooden box on the stage. Two assistants in white coats stood at each side of the box, waiting for the instruction. Tapping the microphone to check it was working, Professor Johnson cleared his throat with all eyes transfixed on him as he opened his mouth. “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending this event. I was amazed when I first saw this, as I am sure you will be. I present to you…””

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Myths and legends

blacksmith at the forge

Sure enough, Ulrik grew up to be the best blacksmith in the whole country. Anything you wanted made, he could make it! That was until a fateful evening on a snowy night, when he was visited by a darkly-cloaked, mysterious man…”

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