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7 smashing sensory trays for writing practice

by Anna Whiteley
on October 30, 2018


As far as simple classroom tools go, it’s hard to beat a sensory writing tray! From those that aren’t quite at the writing stage yet, but want to develop their mark making skills, to emerging writers and those more capable, who want an inviting way to practise their skills. Sensory writing trays can be adapted across year groups.

We recently wrote about sensory classroom strategies to inspire writing. As well as engaging many senses, sensory writing trays offer other benefits. They are ideal for learning sight words and practising letter formation. They can help fine tune motor skills or support with phonics and spelling practice.

Here’s a roundup of the most fun, creative and inventive sensory writing trays we could find!

Ice cream sprinkles

Icecream sprinkles

Monster slime


Rainbow play


Space exploration


Mermaid vibes


One for the footy fans


Robotic writing


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