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Winter prompts to inspire wonderful writing

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 6, Oct 2021
50 min read

As winter sets in, the frost, snow and ice make for a magical setting. Great for firing up imaginations. We’ve gathered six of our favourite Wintery writing prompts from Pobble 365. Each one comes with an incredible image, an inspiring story starter, plus sentence starters, a word bank, questions as well as sentence and punctuation challenges. Can your class use them to create some wonderful winter writing? Here are 7 Winter prompts to inspire wonderful writing:

1. One-half of the world had already been transformed into perpetual winter. Only a few traces of summer remained. Check out Winter is coming. 🥀❄️ Preview this prompt here.
Winter is Coming
2. A colossal snowball, the size of a house, has fallen from the sky, but this is no ordinary ball of snow... Snowball surprise, an intriguing winter writing prompt. ⚪️✨ Preview it here. 
Snowball Surprise3. As the winter moon soared high above the town, the starlit ice skating rink twinkled invitingly. Its glassy surface shimmered like a mirror, enticing passersby to glide across its frozen depths... 🌟⛸ Starlit Skaters, preview this prompt.
Starlit Skaters4. An adventurous explorer diving into a vast expanse of icy land. Where will he end up and what what frozen mysteries will he uncover? Discover the Frozen Unknown. 🪂🏔 Preview this writing prompt. 
Frozen Unknown5. A giant snow globe mysteriously appears in a little boy's garden, how did it get there and what might happen if he looks inside?
Frosty Find, a fantastic fantasy writing activity. ❄️✨ Preview this prompt.
Frosty Find6. Once, this place had been filled with colour and sunshine. Once, this place had seen thousands of people come and go. Now, everything was cold. Everyone was gone. Well, almost everyone... The Frozen Palace. 🏰🧊 Preview this prompt. 
Frozen Palace

7. Summer is trapped under the Queen of Winter's spell, now it was always winter. Will warmer times ever return? The Queen of Winter, a wickedly wintery writing activity. 👸🏼🌨 Preview this prompt. 

Queen of WInter



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