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Why writing for a purpose matters...

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 4, Oct 2021
13 min read

If you were given the choice of running a solo 10km around the park or getting involved in a 10km charity run, which would you choose? Which would you train that little bit harder for?

If we have a reason to do something, not only do we feel like we are not wasting our time and effort, we may even try a little harder at completing the task. When we feel like we have a purpose within our sports team, our friendship group, even our team at work, we are more productive, strive harder and aim higher.

The same is true for children at primary school age. Some things at school can prove to be a challenge: think of writing a diary entry as a Victorian child working in a factory. In such situations, knowing why something is important is key.

That is exactly what Pobble provides: a fantastic purpose for children at primary school age to write. By publishing work onto our platform, Pobble gives children a global audience for their writing. This audience can be described as an ‘authentic audience’, filled with teachers, parents and other children from around the world who all can comment on and celebrate the writing on the website.

Inclusivity is key to the success of Pobble: we celebrate the work of all children when they went above and beyond. Children will strive to overcome challenges that may have stopped them before. Neat handwriting and correct spellings and grammar are important, but they should not discourage children from writing.

The Pobble team support schools to build an authentic audience in their local community. We, as well, make a point of helping to celebrate the writing shared on the website. We leave comments on the work and use social media to promote the brilliant writing shared by schools. Using Twitter to publicise the writing brings authors, poets and other notable figures into the reach of our young writers. See some great examples here!

Providing children with the weekly chance to be one of the select few in each classroom to be published allows for novelty, scarcity and a sense of pride and achievement. That’s why they want their writing to be shared on Pobble!

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