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Why Pobble is an essential writing resource for English leaders

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 4, Sep 2020
17 min read

What do you need to help the teachers in your school teach writing effectively? Great lesson ideas? Teaching resources? Model texts? Tools that support peer assessment?

Pobble has them all. In fact, Pobble provides everything you need to teach writing.

Pobble is always evolving, finding new ways to bring magic to the teaching of writing and save teachers time. We’ve got exciting new tools to support your teaching as well as our trusty favourites and because teachers and parents tell us that writing will be the hardest hit by school closures. We want to help. 

Support the entire writing process

Pobble supports the writing process from start to finish. It combines unique, high-quality content, with cutting edge digital tools that support formative assessment. You’ll find everything from the best teaching resources and ready-made lessons to planning, publishing and moderation tools. Writing sorted!

WAGOLLs for every writing genre

Good WAGOLLs (What A Good One Looks Like) or model texts aren’t easy to come by. Teachers often end up writing their own or using one from a textbook. On Pobble, you’ll find thousands of ‘real-life’ examples of children’s writing. It’s the world’s largest bank of children’s handwritten work, searchable by age, genre or topic. Ideal for exemplification, finding ideas and lesson inspiration.

Pobble published workReady to go lessons

A guaranteed time saver with Pobble is the ability to access our high-quality, interactive lessons. There are 250 of them, ready to go! Our longer, themed based lessons cover vocabulary, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling and a range of genres of writing. Our shorter, objective-based lessons cover everything from apostrophes to question marks. 

Your curriculum, covered for writing

Every single one of the 250 lessons on Pobble is mapped to the primary national curriculum writing objectives. You can be confident you’re covering the whole writing curriculum with our ready to go content. Best of all the lessons are high-quality, fun and engaging.

Editable and accessible for your needs

Do you use Pobble 365? That’s our engaging image for every day of the year, with story starters, questions and writing challenges. On Pobble not only can you access all 365 of the activities, but you also have the power to edit and add your own slides. All 250 of our ready-to-go lessons are also editable to suit your teaching needs so you can tweak and differentiate to your heart's content! Or feeling creative? You can easily build your own lessons using our unique slide types.  All of the presentations are easily accessible wherever you need to share them - at home, in school or with fellow teachers… You can even print them out! 

Discover PobbleTools for pupils

Looking to empower your pupils with their writing? Our pupil logins have always been a really popular feature, but with the support of the DfE, these have just got even better. You can now send lessons to pupils, they can upload work, peer and self assess as well as receive feedback from you. All work is uploaded to the pupil evidence bank which can be used for worldwide publishing and to support moderation.

You’re in control

Ultimately, with Pobble, you’re in control of your teaching. It’s your lesson, your way

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