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Remote learning sorted! How Pobble will help with writing

  • by: Simon Blower
  • On: 18, Sep 2020
25 min read

The question we currently get asked the most is:

"How can Pobble help with writing if we have children learning from home and we need to teach remotely?"

Our answer is... Easily!
Pobble was designed to support the teaching of writing at home or in school.

It's an uncertain and unstable for us all. As teachers ourselves we understand how difficult this is. So, we've been working hard to improve Pobble to ensure that it can remain a reliable, stable platform to support you in all scenarios. We're already helping many schools to deal with blended learning and here's how we can help you to teach writing too:

Pobble lessons - save time planning with lessons built for you

As well as the ever popular Pobble 365, used in hundreds of thousands of classrooms, we have a new bank of lessons for every year group based on popular themes and topics. These are aligned with every curriculum objective for word, sentence and punctuation for Year 1 through to Year 6. Whether it's a catch up activity, a lesson for an unfamiliar class, or a whole week’s worth of English, Pobble will have something for you. The best bit is that as well as being high quality content; built using slides unique to Pobble, all our lessons are editable so you can tweak the content to best match the needs of your class!

Lesson builder - share lessons with pupils at home and in school

All of our lessons, including Pobble 365, can be shared with your pupils in three ways:

1) Present - Our simple present option allows a lesson to be shared full screen either in the classroom or as part of an online video lesson.
2) Print - All lessons, including presentations you have edited, are easily printable. Some of our longer presentations could be printed to use over a whole week. If you are planning ahead for pupils being at home, then you could easily have a Pobble pack ready to pop on the photo-copier.
3) Share - Many schools are thinking about children accessing lessons online at home. The great news is that all of our lessons can now also be sent to pupils via their unique login so they can view any of the Pobble content at home. We’ve even built a 'Discover' area for pupils, where children can select a Pobble 365 image and do their own writing task!

Pupil tools - see what your pupils are doing at home 

Our new improved pupil tools make sharing lessons and seeing the pupils work even easier. Each time a pupil accesses a lesson they are given the option to add work and send it to their teacher. Through a new teacher mark book you can review work, provide feedback and then easily upload to an evidence bank. If you really want to keep the children motivated to write while at home you can even turn them into published authors! Setting up a class on Pobble is easy, you'll find simple guides and an online help desk to support you.

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Online moderation - easily moderate without the need to travel

After a challenging 6 months of closures and with much uncertainty ahead, schools are already thinking about how to start assessing their pupils. It's important to get a clear overview of where their pupils really are. Many school leaders have already fed back to us that they are expecting writing standards to be much lower after such a long period at home. While testing is likely to happen in maths and reading, writing assessment will remain a challenge.

Our online moderation tool allows you to moderate in school and across school groups without the need to sit around the table, share books and even travel. To support Pobble schools we will also be running free moderation webinars where we'll moderate samples of writing online together with an approved STA moderator. We will also monitor carefully the guidance from the STA around statutory assessment and moderation so that we can continue to support schools throughout the year.

Pobble is much more affordable than you think! Visit our pricing page to find out more.

Pobble was founded by teachers and is always here to help with the teaching of writing. If you are looking for solutions to support remote learning which are also proven to raise attainment then do not hesitate to contact us.

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