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With the continuing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are regularly asked:

"How can Pobble help with writing if we have children learning from home and we need to teach remotely?"


Our answer is... Easily!

Throughout 2021, we continued to make improvements to Pobble to ensure that as well as being a brilliant platform for teachers to use in school it would also be an option for children who needed to access their learning at home.
Many schools have already included Pobble as part of their remote learning plans. Here's how we can help you to teach writing remotely too:

Pobble will save you valuable planning time with lessons already built for you

As well as the ever-popular Pobble 365, used in hundreds of thousands of classrooms, we have a new bank of lessons for every year group based on popular themes and topics. These are aligned with every curriculum objective for word, sentence and punctuation for Year 1 through to Year 6. Whether it's a catch-up activity, a quick write, or a whole week’s worth of English, Pobble will have something for you. The best bit is that as well as being high-quality content; built using slides unique to Pobble, all our lessons are editable so you can easily adjust and adapt any activity, meaning the content best matches the needs of your class!

Easily share lessons with pupils at home 

All of our lessons, including Pobble 365, can be easily shared with your pupils at home and in school using one of three ways.

1) Send to pupil logins -  All of our lessons can now be sent to pupils via their unique login allowing them to interact with any of the Pobble content at home. We’ve even built a 'Discover' area for pupils, where children can also select their own Pobble 365 image and complete a writing task!
2) Create a link -  The great news is that if you already have a preferred tool for remote learning, such as Seesaw or Google Classroom, you can easily create a link to a Pobble lesson so that your pupils can access the presentation slides at home.
3) Print - All lessons, including presentations you have edited, are easily printable. If you are planning ahead for pupils being at home without access to a device, then you could easily have a Pobble pack ready to pop on the photocopier.

See what your pupils are doing at home 

Our new improved pupil tools make sharing lessons and seeing the pupils work even easier. Each time a pupil accesses a lesson, they are given the option to add work and send it to their teacher. Through a new teacher mark book, you can review work, provide feedback and then easily upload it to an evidence bank. Setting up a class on Pobble is easy, you'll find simple guides and an online help desk to support you.

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Visit our pricing page to sign up for an individual subscription starting from just £4.00 per month. We also have whole school subscriptions so you can be sure that every child has access to writing resources that engage and motivate them.

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