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Being an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) can be tough, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. You suddenly have a new class, new routines and a whole lot of responsibility to contend with. To feel confident and able, establishing clear routines from the start can go a long way.

Pobble can help! We have research that shows Pobble will reduce teacher workload and improve writing attainment for your pupils.

Here we’ll share how Pobble will help you be effective in your teaching of writing from day one.

Lesson planning — On Pobble, lesson planning is made easy! You can discover engaging, age-specific, curriculum-aligned writing lessons, that are ready to go! These lessons are made by Pobble’s experienced teachers and can be edited and easily adapted for your context.

Build and store lessons — Pobble’s lesson builder tool also enables you to easily make your own lessons, with unique slide types built for the teaching of writing. These include success criteria and writing exemplars. As with our ready-made lesson content, these can be saved, edited, presented and shared with colleagues and pupils at school or home.

Saving teachers time — Time management can be one of the trickiest tasks for NQTs. Pobble saves time at every step of the teaching process. Whether it’s ready to go lessons made by the Pobble team, model texts and WAGOLLs to use in your lessons or excellent teaching resources from the best providers, you’ll find a wealth of inspiration and ideas on Pobble. All are searchable by genre, topic or year group so it’s simple to find exactly what you need to create your lessons.

Children’s handwritten work — Pobble includes the world’s largest bank of children’s handwritten work! You can search and filter by age, topic or school, allowing you to have thousands of ‘real-life’ examples of writing. This not only helps you to see what good writing in a new year group looks like, but they can also be used as WAGOLLs (what a good one looks like), teaching ideas, guided reading, ‘up levelling, or topic research. It’s effectively a search engine of children’s writing!

A valuable support network — The Pobble team are always on hand to support teachers with their Pobble journey, whether it’s helping you get the most out of the site or a technical query. Even better, our Facebook group and our Twitter community of nearly 40,000 like-minded people are also there to offer exciting ideas and pearls of wisdom. Got a question or need support? Reach out, we’re happy to help.


There’s even more to Pobble…

Once you have established a routine and are regularly planning exciting writing lessons you may want to look at some of our Pobble for My class features…

Connect with parents — Building a strong home-school partnership is invaluable, but it can be tricky. Pobble allows parents to connect with their child’s learning journey, giving them a unique opportunity to see and support their child’s writing. This can be a valuable tool for NQTs to engage with parents right from the beginning of their teaching journey.

Create an effective routine — Creating a routine will help you manage the writing process every step of the way. Not only does publishing your pupil’s work give them an authentic purpose, it simply makes writing ridiculously exciting! There’ll be a buzz about writing from the start of the school year and your class will consistently try their hardest in the hope of becoming a published author.

Build an evidence bank — Over time the writing published in your class account can be used as an online evidence bank. A great way to keep track of (and demonstrate) the progress your class is making.

Easy moderation — Your class’s evidence bank of work can be used for moderation. Pobble’s moderation feature allows writing to be easily annotated and checked against relevant criteria. Assessment files can also be shared with senior staff to allow NQTs to work alongside them and moderate effectively.

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