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Six super sight word activities

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 17, Sep 2020
19 min read

Sight words often have little meaning on their own, but they do contribute a great deal to the meaning of a sentence. Young learners must recognise these frequently encountered words without sounding out the letters to assist them in building speed and fluency when reading and writing. Retaining the information is often difficult for them, the key is to provide fun opportunities for repetition and reinforcement. With that in mind, we’ve gathered six super sight word activities for you to try with your class.

Pirate treasure hunt

Use your telescope to search for each one, shout out when you find it and pop it in the treasure chest! Full details here.

Sight word pebbles

These DIY sight word pebbles make a fun and tactile learning resource. Take a look!

Lolly sticks for learning

Create sight word puzzles with these colourful lolly sticks. See how it's done here.

Sight word café

Place your orders in the sight word café and get your class to serve up your choices. Check it out!

Shooting sight words

Ready, aim, fire at the sight words! Super fun! See how it's done.

Monster munch sight words

This friendly classroom buddy likes to gobble up sight words, your class can feed him your chosen words and learn them in the process! Here are the instructions.

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