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Free writing resource: The secret lives of teachers

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 22, Jun 2021
20 min read

What do teachers REALLY do in the school holidays? You know the truth, but what do your class think you get up to during the break?

As the term draws to an end your thoughts turn to your holiday plans. The reality is that you’re probably looking forward to catching up with friends, reading the book you’ve neglected since the start of term and making the most of those longed-for sleep-ins.

But… What do your class think you do?

Do you become your superhero alter ego? Do you live at school all summer and sleep in a sleeping bag in the hall? Do you return to your home planet? Or do you simply spend time with your pet giraffe?

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You can’t beat a kids imagination and we think that’s something to be encouraged and celebrated. We asked some creative-minded children ‘What do teachers REALLY do in the school holidays?’ and here is what they said:

“My teacher lives at school. I think there is a secret room that the kids aren’t allowed in where there is a bed and stuff. I think during the holidays they just sleep.”
Evie-Rae, Year 2

“I’m pretty sure my teacher is actually a superhero, she’s always helping people. She’s very sensible and normal during the day, but when she’s not in school she‘s running around and helps other people.”
Sonny, Year 4

“I saw my teacher in a shop the other day, he was wearing trainers, jeans and sunglasses. He doesn’t normally look that cool. I think he must be in a rock band or something when he’s not looking after us.”
Callum, Year 5

“I think my teachers do yoga, eat chocolate, go on trips to Australia, shop and party with other teachers during the holidays.”
Raya, Year 6

“My teacher really likes animals, she’s probably got loads of cool pets like lions, giraffes and donkeys.”
Leo, Year 3


Young author Max created exciting secret life of teachers story opener. Have a read of ‘Mr Kiwi’s summer holidays’ on Pobble and share it with your class.

What strange stories and terrific tales can your class come up with?

A free resource

Our ‘Secret lives of teachers’ resource will get their imaginations fired up and provide them with a fun and meaningful task. They can brainstorm and plan out their stories with planning sheets and you’ve got a ready-made lesson to create some awesome adventure stories!


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Download and print the free resource

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