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Save time and simplify technology in the classroom

  • by: Cy Robinson
  • On: 13, Oct 2021
26 min read

Imagine wasting a third of every lesson!…

“Miss, I can’t remember my password!”
“Sir, my username isn’t working!”

Sound familiar? For a lot of schools, this is a daily struggle. Well, we listened to these issues of the classroom and decided to do something about it.

You might know of Wonde as a school data company… syncing data from a school with over 14,000 schools however Wonde is solving another problem in the classroom — the problem of logging in to your apps you and your students use day in, day out.

I’ve had my fair share of time in the education sector to understand this issue. I’ve heard many schools say they spend a sizeable chunk of lesson time just trying to get every student logged into their apps, let alone actually using them!

This is where our Single Sign-On comes in.

What even is Single Sign-On?

Single sign-on is a way to have all of your school apps in one place and access them with only one login (to rule them all).

Students and Staff are able to log in with a 6-digit Emoji Password or a Magic Badge (easily recognised as a QR code).

Your Single Sign-On accounts are automatically created or deactivated with your accurate MIS data. When a new student joins the school, their account is automatically created. When a teacher leaves the school, their logins are automatically suspended to assist with safeguarding.

No more wasting time in lessons trying to log in to apps.

How does it work?

Step 1

Wonde integrates with your MIS (short phone call). This is where we connect apps with your accurate data within your MIS, all controlled by yourself of course (approving data permissions for apps to access specific data).

Step 2

You add apps to your Wonde dashboard that you use (I think Pobble is always a great app to start with 😉). This is done by selecting your apps on our Discover page and choosing whether it’s an app for students, staff or both!

You can then manage the credentials of your apps should you need to.

Step 3

The user logs into Wonde (i.e. a student) with either a Magic Badge, Emoji password and clicks on the application inside Wonde.

They’re then taken to the application’s login page, the login details are injected and the login button is automatically selected… they’re then logged straight in!

All they need to ensure is that they have the Wonde browser extension installed (i.e. Chrome extension). 👍🏽

Here’s Wonde SSO in action

You can see the student here utilising our Emoji Login — we’ve found that schools love to use this as a creative writing exercise/mnemonic. You can see in the example above:

“I was crying because it was raining so I popped up my umbrella which made me happy so I bought myself a present which was a robot

Our schools have really found it super useful in saving time in each lesson.

What of the resources that don’t require logging in?

That’s an easy one!… Admins and teachers are able to add custom dashboard tiles for the web pages or resources that are used in the classroom.

Tailor these links on a class basis and mix these alongside true Single Sign-On apps. Everything you need, linked from one central location.

I’d love to start using Emoji Passwords and Magic Badges for my classrooms…

Teachers are one of my favourite user types for SSO. We’ve given them the ability to create bespoke classrooms (as we know that these can change based on subject, time of year, extracurricular activities) that show specific apps for that classroom!

Few clicks of a button you can filter your students and use our Emoji picker for the class logo or upload an image of your choice.

Get in touch…

If you’re wanting to utilise our SSO service or even want to have a chat about what we do or what you do! We’re always here working away (or going for a run to work off the bake sales we regularly have).

You can find us on the details below:

Tel: 01638 779 144 (option 3)
Twitter: @wearewonde

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