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Encouraging students to develop writing skills independently has huge benefits for them (and you!), including increasing their opportunities to be creative, building confidence, motivation and most importantly improving progress!

Pobble pupil logins empower your class to access and interact with writing lessons independently allowing you to easily support their learning in the classroom and at home. Our child friendly, interactive tools make it straightforward for them to send you their work. Ideal for setting independent writing tasks in school or remote learning. Work submitted goes to the teacher's online mark book where it's simple for you to review, provide feedback and then upload to your evidence bank.

With Pobble, it’s simple to develop independent writing skills that improve progress. The key is to allow your students to do the following: 


Choose their own writing subject - It’s much easier to write when you like the subject you’re writing about.  On Pobble there's a 'Discover' area for pupils, where children can explore and select writing tasks based on their own interests!

Learn from their peers - Children love learning from their peers and seeing real examples of what good writing looks like. With a Pobble pupil account, it’s simple to engage students with writing exemplars, they can search from hundreds of thousands of writing examples, filtered by age, genre or topic from their own school or across the world! Whether being 'Grammar Detectives' or researching a history topic, children can ‘magpie’ ideas to inspire their writing. 

Self-assess their writing online - Knowing their steps to success and then building in an opportunity to assess their own writing will help children to improve and produce their best work. With Pobble's genre-based success criteria slides, pupils can self assess their writing before sending it to peers and their teacher for feedback.

Peer-assess with pupils around the world - Peer assessment is a crucial part of a child’s learning journey and children can be brilliant motivators for one another. Pobble's peer feedback tools will develop your pupils’ empathy and critical thinking and provide a unique opportunity for children to view and comment on the work of their classmates and peers from around the world. Pupil logins allow Pobble's structured approach to feedback supports pupils in leaving comments that are supportive, constructive and of high quality.

Publish their writing to an audience - Writing matters so much more to children when they're given an audience and a purpose to write. With Pobble pupil accounts, your young writers can submit their own typed or handwritten work to become published authors on your own school page. This gives them a purpose to write, building on their confidence in writing and motivating them to keep improving their work.

Watch our video to explore Pobble's pupil tools in one minute!

To get the most out of Pobble, set your pupils up so they can write, improve and publish their own work and access writing focused self and peer assessment tools. It only takes a few minutes to get them set up and enable independent learning. For a quick introduction to how to send a lesson to your pupils and enable self and peer assessment, check out this short video.

Ready to get started? It only takes a few minutes to set up your class!

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