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Resources to make non-fiction writing just as creative as fiction

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 16, Nov 2021
24 min read

Non-fiction writing permeates our lives. Wherever we look we see signs, menus, magazines, websites and more, we undertake non-fiction writing on a daily basis too, whether it's letters, lists, emails or lesson plans. Children are surrounded by non-fiction without realising it, but it's not often inspiring enough to make them want to write. 

Just as a good non-fiction book can tempt a reluctant reader into picking up a copy on a topic they love, teachers need a non-fiction resource that encourages reluctant writers to pick up their pencils and get writing. Many children prefer factual and informative subjects. A non-fiction topic appeals to children’s natural desire to understand and to learn about the world around us. 

Introducing Pobble News!

Our Pobble News resource has everything you need to spark your young writer's imagination and help them produce some quality non-fiction work. Each week we’ll share news stories, discussion pieces and fun activities to keep brains busy and prompt some topical writing. 

Created by experienced literacy teachers, you’ll find a new edition of our exciting news roundup every week on Pobble.

Each Pobble News lesson comprises of:

  • Fun, child-friendly news stories - Interesting, fun and educational news stories from around the world. Children love learning about real-life, actual events. We'll share what's happened, where and why in a way that will have your class engaged and motivated to write. 
  • A writing task - Writing activities linked to the news story. Throughout the editions, we'll cover information, explanation and persuasive texts as well as instructions, recounts, journalistic writing and more! Pobble News offers an excellent starting point for children finding their own voice as writers of non-fiction.
  • Fantastic facts — Weird and wonderful real-life facts to prompt some fun, fact-based writing and an opportunity for children to write facts themselves based on their own research. Since kids are naturally curious, non-fiction encourages students to read and find the answers to those questions. 

This weekly resource will provide teachers with high quality, time-saving lesson ideas. For children, we hope to provide a positive outlook on current stories and world issues. The perfect resource for them to get their creative writing teeth stuck into, plus there's a new one every week! 

The benefits of non-fiction writing

Comprehending non-fiction is a life skill. There's much value and pleasure to be had in introducing children to a quality non-fiction stimulus, such as Pobble News. 

Reading, learning and writing about non-fiction:

  • plays a vital part in children's language development. Not only does it expand their horizons, but it improves their comprehension skills and introduces new vocabulary.
  • helps children develop their knowledge and skills in a wide range of subjects and topics, they can then apply that learning in new and unfamiliar situations.
  • introduces new concepts to children. They can begin to foster an interest in new cultures, customs and traditions and broaden their view of the world.
  • provides the ability to relay interesting facts and figures, and not only to relay these facts but discuss them confidently.

Something learned from a non-fiction news story could open up a whole new world of opportunity for your young writers. A student who isn’t engaged in writing might find a topic that grabs them and suddenly come alive to all the possibilities that the topic affords. One minute, they're reading a news story about NASA launching a spacecraft, the next they're writing an information text on rockets and planning their own space mission.

Each edition of Pobble News offers something new to engage and grab the attention of your class, from young activists tackling climate change, scientific discoveries to something more light-hearted like Wally, the wandering walrus or a hero rat.

Make non-fiction writing just as creative as fiction. Visit Pobble to get your copy of Pobble News each week.

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