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Our top 3 blog posts to support parents with literacy home learning

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 6, Jan 2021
21 min read

We regularly share tips for teachers and parents over on the Pobble blog, some have never been more relevant than they are now. We’re huge advocates of parents and teachers working together to support children’s learning. So whether you’re a teacher regularly communicating with parents or a parent looking for tips, we hope you find these ideas useful to incorporate into your home learning plan.

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1. Supporting your child with spelling at home — Learning to spell can seem an impossible task to children and probably the least fun of all their learning challenges. These spelling tips and tricks can help make learning how to spell fun and much simpler for your kids.

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2. Supporting your child with reading at home — We don’t have to say that reading is important: it increases literacy skills, builds self-confidence and improves vocabulary skills to name a few reasons. Reading can also open your child’s eyes to concepts they might otherwise be unaccustomed to and gives you the space to chat about them in a safe environment. Parents play an invaluable role in fostering a love of reading.

3. Supporting your child with writing at home — Although your child learns the basics of writing through schooling, the development of these skills must be encouraged at home, too. Luckily, it’s easy to support and nurture, there’s much you can do. Encouraging good writing habits will make a big difference in your child’s attitude to writing.

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If you're looking for writing inspiration check out Pobble 365. As well as being recommended by the Department for Education for home learning, Pobble 365 has recently been named in Waitrose’s 6 of the best websites to keep kids happy. The site is a brilliant option for something that’s high quality, simple to use and will help develop your children’s literacy skills. Here are 5 ways parents can use Pobble 365 to support literacy learning at home.

Looking for some fun non-screen home learning activities?

We're an edtech company at heart, but we're also aware that too much screen time can have a negative effect on children's well-being. To get the kids off the screens, but still having some serious fun we've compiled some non-screen activities for kids on downloadable sheets so you can print and share. There are 6 sheets in total and they cover everything from cooking and crafting to music and movement! 
Check these out 💡

Non-screen activities


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