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Funny writing ideas to get your class smiling!

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 15, Mar 2021
29 min read

Looking for a mood boost for you and your class? It starts with a smile and before you know it you've got guaranteed giggles! Smiling or laughing activates and relieves your stress response. Engaging in a bit of witty writing can be a great way to get you smiling, plus adding a bit of humour to your lessons encourages those reluctant writers to pick up their pencils and create a comic masterpiece!

Here are our favourite funny writing ideas to get you and your class smiling:

Nonsense poems

Poetry is a great source of humour, plus children love to use rhyme! Ask your class to write their own funny poem. Charles Thomson's 'I've never seen' is a fun start for inspiration or 'On the Ning Nang Nong' by Spike Milligan. Search poetry on Pobble for lots more examples! 

Acting up

We all love a good comedy sketch and writing their own gives children a fantastic opportunity to get creative and show their sense of humour. Can they write a play script? They could then act it out, a great excuse for some drama! See some examples.

Laughable limericks

Limericks always get a laugh and you can write them about absolutely anything. Plus, because they're short and simple to write it's a great opportunity for a quick writing session!  There are loads of laughable limerick examples here.

Ridiculous recipes

What kind of revolting and ridiculously funny recipes can your class come up with? A Pongy pizza,dirty donut or perhaps a carnivore cake?  You'll find lots more examples of ridiculous recipes on Pobble, simply search the Writing Bank for 'recipes'.

Alternative explanations

What if things didn't work the way we think they do? Here's a fantastically funny example... A toaster that's actually powered by underground dragons and gnomes! What else can your class come up with? A great opportunity to explore explanation texts!

Silly stories

An image can spark the imagination. Give your pupils a weird and wacky image and let their pencils run loose, can they write their own funny story based on that image? Here's a fun example about a dancing horse!  Don't forget, Pobble 365 offers a free, unique, engaging image every day of the year! 

Droll diaries 

Can your pupils retell a funny moment in their lives in the form of a diary entry? If they can't think of a moment to write about they could write in character about a scene in a funny book. This diary entry is a great example and really makes the reader laugh.

Comic characters 

Whether it's The Mad Hatter, Mr Twit or Captain Underpants, we all have a favourite comic character, can your class create their own? There are lots of excellent and amusing examples on Pobble.


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