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Inspire creativity with Free Writing Friday!

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 13, Oct 2021
17 min read

At Pobble, writing is our passion. Everything we do is about making writing exciting! That’s why, when we heard about Cressida Cowell’s Free Writing Friday campaign we just had to get involved.

Free Writing Friday is open for all schools to take part and it really couldn’t be simpler. The idea is that every Friday, the children are given at least ten minutes out of their school day to write whatever they like!

Give the children a special blank book and let them loose with their pencils. They can spend that time writing whatever they want, whether it’s cartoons, poems, stories, or screenplays, whatever they really care about writing.

The most important rule of Free Writing Friday is that teachers are not allowed to correct or change anything! No matter how tempted you are to point out a spelling or grammar mistake.

Award-winning author Cressida Cowell launched the initiative to highlight the importance of being creative and ensure that children aren’t put off by the mechanics of writing. Of course, we have to teach children to write, but we mustn’t lose their creativity during that process.

“The aim of Free Writing Friday is for kids to have fun. Children, in my experience, are naturally creative, and giving them time and space to write down ideas is often tricky in all our busy lives. I want to emphasise how important creativity is both to an individual’s achievement and to the UK economy. We need our kids to be creative. The creative industries generated £92 billion for the UK in 2017, and we want the next generation to continue this strength. Whatever path they choose in life, though, creative thinking is invaluable — problem solving, innovative ideas, and dealing with new challenges are skills that children can begin learning at an early age with nothing more than a notebook and a pencil.”

Cressida Cowell MBE FRSL and children's author


A daily, free writing prompt to help! 

Every day on Pobble, you'll find a new free writing prompt that will spark imagination in your class! These are perfect for Free Writing Friday, simply log into Pobble, show your class an image and let their pencils and creativity do the rest! Teachers, you can sign up for a free account and access an incredible image with accompanying writing prompts every day of the year! 

Why free writing Friday?

Free Writing Friday offers numerous benefits for both primary school teachers and children. For teachers, it provides a structured time for students to express their creativity and develop their writing skills in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. It encourages teachers to create a positive and supportive writing environment where students can freely explore their ideas and thoughts. Additionally, it allows teachers to assess each child's individual progress and provide targeted feedback. For children, Free Writing Friday promotes self-expression, imagination, and critical thinking. It fosters a love for writing by removing the constraints of rules and expectations, allowing children to write freely and explore their own unique writing style. It also helps build confidence in their abilities and enhances their overall communication skills.

Want to get your school involved? You can find out even more about the campaign as well as find some great free resources and tips from Cressida here.

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