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Feel-good children's writing to brighten your day!

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 4, Oct 2021
25 min read

There is something so unassumingly charming about a child’s outlook on life and if you can capture that in a piece of writing then it’s all the more delightful. That’s why Pobble is so well adored. It’s a treasure trove of children’s writing, a glimpse into the imaginative worlds of youngsters from all around the globe. Search the site by topic, genre, age group or school and you’ll find writing about everything from balloons to bears, pineapples to pirates.

We’ve picked out just a few feel-good pieces (there were so many to choose from) so whether you’ve had one of those days and need a little lift or simply want to make your day even better than it already was. These little gems are bound to put a smile on your face. OR if you're a teacher, you can use them as WAGOLLs or model texts đź’ˇ

Happiness is…

Read the full piece and leave William a comment on Pobble.

A limerick to make you laugh!

Read the full piece and leave Lochlan a comment on Pobble.

A powerful friendship…

Read the full piece and leave Ava a comment on Pobble.

How to make a superhero…

Read the full piece and leave Noah a comment on Pobble.

What I love about the earth…

Read the full piece and leave Jaden a comment on Pobble.

Pobble includes the world’s largest bank of children’s handwritten work and is jam-packed with thousands more charming pieces from pupils around the world. Teachers, sign up now to discover our award-winning digital tools for teaching writing. đź’ˇ

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