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Awesome Autumn activities for EYFS and KS1

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 3, Sep 2021
18 min read

Autumn provides a great opportunity to go out on a scavenger hunt and collect a selection of interesting items for your class to play and create with. These 5 awesome Autumn activities support the development of writing skills, are easy to set up and are great fun! Perfect for EYFS and KS1!

We’re going on a leaf hunt 🍁

Hide leaves with different letters on around the classroom and ask the children to hunt for them. What letters can they find? Can they make any words from the letters they found?


Autumn investigation area 🍁

This Autumn investigation area is great for sparking writing ideas. Can they use their senses to describe the items?



Spell your name with leaves 🍁

Not only is this activity fun and easy to set up, but it provides a great opportunity to practice name and letter recognition with your little ones. It’s easy to adapt for spelling practise and sentence activities too.



Please don’t fall 🍁

Can your class write a letter to a tree to convince it not to drop its leaves? A great activity for practising their persuasive writing skills!



Leaf people 🍁

These super cute leaf people are fun to make and provide lots of opportunities for extension activities. Can your class write a story about their leaf person? Or write a description of him?


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