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8 animal-themed writing prompts to spark 'wild' ideas!

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 22, Sep 2022
49 min read

If you're looking for the best animal themed writing prompts and story starters, look no further! There are heaps to choose from on Pobble. 

Kids love animals, who doesn't?! Animals are proven to brighten our mood and bring us joy so why not use them to inspire some fun writing? Our writing prompts are designed to open children's eyes to new experiences, thoughts and ideas. Opening their eyes to new experiences encourages them to be more creative with their writing. Here are a few of our favourite animal based images and writing activities, we hope they help you inspire some 'wild' writing ideas in your class.

Animal Olympics

"He urged himself to get up, he did not want to lose this event! So far the athlete was responding well to the added challenge and pressure. After all, this was the first Olympic Games where they could compete against animals..."1-Sep-16-2022-04-35-20-65-PM

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Crocodile Rock

"For hundreds of years, he'd laid dormant, waiting for the opportune moment. The residents were oblivious, they'd gone about their business, day by day. The rocky holiday island was the base for their water sports, sunbathing and refreshments and nothing else. Until one day, he suddenly opened his eyes..."

3-Sep-16-2022-04-35-21-12-PMSee all the ready-made writing activities that accompany this image.

The Underdogs

"It was the greatest match the world had ever seen! The whistle was about to go for the start of a tense third quarter, the score was neck and neck. The rhino’s colossal legs stood firm, ready to charge. Behind him, his team, primed to clash with the underdogs. With a loud grunt, the enormous beast lunged towards the opposition, sending shockwaves through the stadium..."2-Sep-16-2022-04-35-21-91-PMSee all the ready-made writing activities that accompany this image.

Animal Airlines

"Welcome to Animal Airlines: this is your Captain speaking! We will do everything we can to ensure you have an enjoyable and comfortable flight. Our highly trained crew will endeavour to meet your every need: the meerkats will provide in-flight entertainment, our koalas can bring you a variety of snacks, the sloths will take care of your luggage and the giraffes give excellent foot massages! For those of you wanting a good night’s sleep we have an excellent range of relaxing whale music available, or if it’s a party you’re after we have our in-flight music playing in the rear cabin, courtesy of ‘The Monkeys’. I once again do wish you a comfortable and enjoyable flight, and I can assure you that you can have every confidence in me as your Captain: everyone knows polar bears are extremely reliable!”

8-Sep-16-2022-04-35-21-68-PMSee all the ready-made writing activities that accompany this image.

The Ambush

"So far, her plans had all been successful. The journey had been relatively straightforward, she'd found the perfect spot to pitch her tent and even the unpredictable weather had behaved itself! Legs stretched out and her head propped on her backpack, she lay recovering from the strenuous trek into the rainforest. The tent door pegged open so she could admire the beauty that engulfed her modest home for the night. Just as the deep, welcome sense of relaxation began to wash over her, she heard a faint rustle at the back of the tent. Then, the same to the right of her. To the left, she heard sniffing and the low rasping sound of breathing. Distracted by the sounds occurring around her, she failed to notice the light from the tent opening dwindling, until it was too late to react..."


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Beary Big

"Thump! He slammed his enormous, fur-covered body onto the rock, sending shockwaves of dust in all directions. With a loud grunt, he turned to face the man, he knew the mess he'd just caused had landed him in trouble... again! He didn’t mean any harm, but he just couldn’t help himself…"


Animal Town


"Most visitors are a little shocked (to put it mildly) when they arrive at Animal Town. Despite the fact that the name of the town gives a slight indication to passers-by that the inhabitants of the town are ‘not normal’, it’s as if people don’t believe things until they see them with their own eyes! Once you get used to being in Animal Town – or so they say – seeing an orangutan behind a desk in a sheriff’s office and upholding the law to an impeccably high standard becomes relatively ‘normal’…"

5-Sep-16-2022-04-35-21-68-PMSee the ready-made writing activities that accompany this image.

Moving House

"It’s always difficult moving house but not usually as slow as this. Sometimes they regretted buying a house on top of a giant tortoise. It did, however, have some benefits..."4-Sep-16-2022-04-35-22-01-PM

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