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9 ingenious classroom ideas you’ll want to try!

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 6, Oct 2021
49 min read

Sometimes you just see a classroom idea that is so simple, yet so ingenious, that you want to kick yourself for not thinking of it. Let’s face it, we’ll give anything a try to make our lives easier in the classroom; with that in mind, we set out on a mission to find some clever classroom ideas from teachers around the world, so good you’ll want to try them out immediately!

We’re ready buttons — This is such a simple and inexpensive idea. Each table or group can be held responsible for when they’re ready to learn. Lights on means they’re ready! Simply purchase some push lights to get started!

Classroom organisation at its best — a hanging shoe holder makes the perfect classroom storage! Masses of room for all your bits and bobs and easy to label to keep organised. Get yours here.

Picture pegs — This clever idea will ease your display woes, no more staples needing removing, no more replacing displays frequently. Simply glue wooden pegs to the backing paper so work to be displayed can easy be pegged up and replaced when needed!

The homework scanner — how often do your class get home and they’ve forgotten what you asked them to do for homework? This is such a clever idea. Kids and parents can scan the code and be linked to a YouTube video of the teachers explaining the homework!

Evaluation cards — these clever cards can be given to each child so they can clearly show you how they are getting on. This stops kids coming out to you, putting their hands up constantly and shouting out!

Stop cards — Instead of yelling across the classroom, simply walk over and hand any behaviour offenders one of these cards. It’s a simple, yet powerful way of redirecting them and reducing embarrassment.

The ‘I’m done cup’ — is perfect for early finishers. Instead of them lingering around, distracting others or coming across to you for further instructions when they’re done, they simply pick a stick and complete the task!

Pom-pom erasers — Not only are these ridiculously cute, but super practical too! Simply superglue a pompom to the end of your whiteboard pens for a clever way to erase the boards. Grab pom-poms here.


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