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7 spring writing ideas to celebrate the new season

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 2, Mar 2021
19 min read

Hello spring! The season of rejuvenation and regrowth. Not only can the changing weather lift your spirits, but it’s also a great opportunity to have some fun, educate your class and produce some excellent writing at the same time.

Spring into the new season with these 7 writing ideas:

Head outdoors 🌱   
A spring walk is perfect for explaining how nature comes to life in this season. Looking at the flowers and newly emerging buds, planting your own seeds and observing the animals that can be seen in spring all provide masses of inspiration for spring writing. Find lots of writing inspired by the signs of spring on Pobble.

Changing seasons 🌈 
Explaining the seasons provides many opportunities to get creative. Spring especially brings a dramatic change, new sights, new life and excitement for summer. There are some great explanation texts to be found on Pobble. Can your class choose their favourite season and explain the changes?

Lifecycles 🔄   
Teaching lifecycles is the perfect way to help children understand the world around them and to connect them with nature. Looking for new and creative ways to engage your students without having to reinvent the wheel? Whether it’s frogs, butterflies, plants or humans, you’ll find lots of WAGOLLs and inspiration on Pobble.

Poetry 🌷 
Roses are red, violets are blue. We love poetry and you should too! Whether you’re teaching acrostics, Haikus or something more lyrical, spring can provide a wonderful backdrop. Find some super examples on Pobble.

Super science 🌍
Spring is the perfect season to teach your children about the Earth sciences. Day and night, space and planets, fact-files, reports, explanations or adventure stories. The opportunities are endless! Search ‘science’ on Pobble.

Weather writing  
What happens to the weather in spring? Can your class track the changes in weather throughout the year? Try weather reports, fact-files or weather shape poetry. There are many more ideas here.

The joys of spring 🌼
If you’re still stuck for ideas, then simply focus on the joys of spring! It’s a magical time of year. Can your class focus on each of their senses and describe what they see, hear, and smell in spring.


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