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7 fun and educational school holiday activities!

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 6, Oct 2021
35 min read

You may want to set your children tasks over the school break to ensure they are keeping their brains active. Perhaps you’re a teacher wanting to get to know your new class better or discover what they get up to in the holidays, or maybe you just want them to have some fun. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered!

Here are 7 school holiday activities created by the Pobble team, for you to share with your children:

1. The secret lives of teachers

Let your pupils’ imagination run wild! You know the truth, but what do they think you get up to over the holidays? Do you become your superhero alter ego? Do you return to your home planet? Do you spend time with your pet giraffe? This writing resource is lots of fun for you and the kids.

Download the printable resource here.

2. A picture-perfect postcard

Our picture-perfect postcard is a fun and meaningful activity for over the school break that will also help you to find out a bit more about your new class. It can be posted back to your school address (children love a trip to the post box!) or brought back in the new school term. The children will love filling it in and sharing their adventures! Come September, you have a lesson starter at the ready. Your class can use their postcard to write a recount or description of their holidays.

Download the printable resource here.

3. The best homework ever!

Homework? How can that be exciting, Pobble? Well, let us tell you…
We think school holidays should be time for reflection, relaxation, and new opportunities — for teachers and children alike! With this in mind, we’ve created an alternative list of activities for teachers to set their class. It’s the perfect balance of super-fun activities, educational tasks and treasured skills.

Download the printable resource here.

4. Spread kindness around the world

Spread a little kindness! This downloadable sheet is full of meaningful and enjoyable writing tasks to encourage kindness. The kindest homework ever! Children can choose their favourites to do or complete them all if they wish!

Download the printable resource here.

5. Good news stories!

Even at the best of times, we all need a bit of positivity to brighten our day. That’s why Team Pobble are always on the lookout for your good news stories; tales to put smiles on faces and distract from the tough stuff. We’ve got a handy guide to writing a top-notch newspaper report, plus a beautiful template for them to write on.

Download the printable resource here.

6. Non-screen activities

Too much screen time can have a negative effect on children’s well-being. To help, we’ve rounded up some fun, non-screen activities that can be done at home and support independent learning. There are four sheets to choose from, with 25 fun and meaningful ideas on each. That’s 100 non-screen activities to keep the children entertained!

Download the printable resources here.

7. Getting to know your new class

To help you get to know each individual personality in your class, we’ve created an activity sheet for you to download, print and share with your pupils. They are full of simple tasks that can be completed with one or two words and pictures for the younger children or one or two sentences for the older ones allowing you to get a quick overview of each child’s likes, worries, skills and emerging personalities.

Download the printable resource here.

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