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'Tis the season for more than just festive decorations and twinkling lights. The anticipation of the holiday season naturally brings a sense of excitement into the classroom. The festive spirit is contagious, making it an ideal time to channel that energy into creative writing. 🌟✏️

As teachers, we know that capturing students' imaginations is key, and Christmas provides the perfect backdrop for inspiring creativity. A golden opportunity to ignite creativity and inspire your young writers.

On Pobble, there's a wealth of festive inspiration. We've gathered seven of our favourite Christmas writing prompts to help you turn the joy of the season into a powerful motivator for learning. These carefully crafted, ready-made prompts are designed to transport your students into a wonderland of imagination. From unexpected arrivals on the doorstep to magical journeys, each prompt is a key to unlocking the full potential of your students' creativity. Each one comes with an incredible image, an inspiring story starter, plus sentence starters, a word bank, questions as well as sentence and punctuation challenges.

Here are seven Christmas writing prompts to spark student creativity:

1. A loud ticking signals the start of the most magical season of the year. Check out 'Countdown', a ready-made writing prompt to help your class kick off the festivities. 🕰✨
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Countdown Pobble

2. Not everyone likes Christmas, especially not Ruby. Ruby's heart was as cold as the winter air, leaving no room for the joyous spirit of the season, until one day, something unexpected happened. 🎄😒 Meet Rude Ruby...
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Rude Ruby Pobble

3. This is no ordinary train; it's the legendary Christmas Express, embarking on its annual and highly important journey to the North Pole. 🚂❄️ Take a ride on a magical journey.
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Christmas Express Pobble

4. A tiny tap on the door signals the arrival of some surprising visitors. These Caroling kittens are here to bring some festive cheer. 🐱🎶
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Kitten Carols Pobble

5. On Christmas Eve, they came. Why were they here? What did they want? Snowmen on the doorstep, an intriguing ready-made writing prompt. ☃️🚪 
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Snowmen on the doorstep Pobble

6. Let's fly! A daunting task ahead, but this young reindeer is determined to succeed! Let imaginations take flight in your classroom. 🦌🔴
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Lets Fly Pobble

7. A mysterious gift and a chance for your class to think about what the greatest gift to receive at Christmas is. Discover the greatest gift. 🎁🤩
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The Greatest Gift Pobble

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