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7 spellbinding prompts to inspire magical writing

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 5, Sep 2022
40 min read

Want to experience some magic in the classroom? When it comes to finding topics and themes to inspire your class they don't get much more exciting than enchantment, wizardry and magical powers.  

On Pobble you'll find many magic-themed exciting writing ideas that engage and inspire your class. Every day of the year we share incredible images accompanied by ready-made short burst writing activities that motivate children to write more. 

Here are a few of our favourites. We can't guarantee they have magical properties, but they will most certainly enchant your class and help them produce some page-popping writing! Whether you're teaching a magic-themed topic or simply wanting to sprinkle a touch of magic into your class writing these spellbinding story starters are sure to spark their imagination and creativity!

The Magic Tree

"The tree was all that remained. A solitary figure, it stood there in defiance of the destruction surrounding it. The bark had begun to peel away, one piece at a time, joining the wreckage of other trees that lay scattered across the scorched earth. This tree was different to the other trees. It contained magic. It contained hope…"

1-Sep-05-2022-01-49-37-68-PMSee all the ready-made writing activities that accompany this image.


The Magician

"It all began with his mind. This was where his true power lay. The slightest idea would burst magnificently into life at the slightest twitch. If he imagined fire, flames would appear. If he imagined happiness, people around him would smile. If he imagined pain… He had learnt to control his mind over the years, manipulating his incredible powers to serve whatever purpose. Today, though, he was angry. If he imagined anger, chaos would ensue…"


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Magic biscuits

"Brian had often bought things from the market that had turned out to be the most outrageous, disappointing fakes. He had presumed that the magic dog biscuits would have been exactly the same. How wrong he had been..."


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The Alchemist

"She had resided at Raven Cliff Cottage for hundreds of years, perfecting her art, honing her skills. Her concoctions bubbled and frothed in front of her; she let out a hearty laugh. “Not long now” she muttered under her breath. Her creations were almost complete…"

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The Magic ride

"Faster and faster they spun until it felt like they would soar off into the sky at any moment.
The fairground around him became a blur of colours filling Raphael’s eyes. He gripped the seat with every muscle in his body, gritting his teeth as he concentrated on retaining his balance.
Little did Raphael know that this ride was unlike any other in the fairground. When the ride reached top speed, something magical happened…"

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It must be magic...

"Astrid held out her hands. She was alone in the forest, and an eerie silence surrounded her. All she could hear was the faint buzz, like a bee settling down on a flower, coming from the thing she held so protectively in front of her. Her hands were suddenly filled with a comforting warmth, as a silvery light pulsed from the object. A tingle ran down Astrid’s spine. “It must be magic…” She muttered excitedly under her breath... “It must be!”"


The magic library

"The Great House had many hidden treasures. As a 10-year-old girl, many of the rooms were out of bounds for Elsa, but her desire for adventure often got the better of her…
She peeked back over her shoulder to check that the coast was clear. She could hear one of the butlers clattering around in the kitchens at the far end of the hall; no one knew she was there..."

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