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5 writing display ideas that really rock!

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 4, Nov 2020
16 min read

Encouraging great writing skills can be made all the easier with the support of a great classroom display. We’ve gathered a few of our favourite writing displays from teachers who totally nailed it when it comes to inspiring writing.

Would you like a synonym with that?

This fast food inspired synonym display is bound to have your class dipping in for a few tasty alternative words.

Synonym garden

A stunning synonym garden using paint sample strips is guaranteed to brighten up your classroom and have the children buzzing with word inspiration.

Dig deeper…

Inspire your class to dig a bit deeper with their writing with this fun display that encourages them to add more detail to their sentences.

Word graveyard

This seriously spooky Dull Word Graveyard will encourage your class to lay the boring words to rest.

Pure magic

Show your class how to make their writing magical with this enchanting display. All the essential ingredients of a good piece of writing stirred into a clever concoction.

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