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5 ways to use emojis to inspire writing ✏️

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 20, Aug 2021
21 min read

Love them or loathe them, there is no way of getting away from these colourful little creations. Emojis continue to take the world by storm and whilst they are often overlooked as just fun, insignificant images, they can be a powerful nonverbal cue to help communicate feelings. And…when used in a writing lesson they can inspire fun and creative work.

Here are 5 ways you can use emojis to inspire writing:

1. Emoji writing prompts

This simple site provides randomly generated emojis that can provide super writing prompts for your pupils. Can they write a story including all of the emojis? Alternatively, choose your own emojis and share them with your children to produce a fun story.

2. Emoji openers

Here’s a great quiz where 12 famous first lines from classic novels have been translated into emojis. This could be a great activity for older children. Can they create their own emoji openers based on famous stories? Or guess the stories you have chosen? Perhaps they could finish the story from an emoji opener you have created.

3. Emoji Translate

Copy and paste any text into this site and it translates it into emoji for you. Your class could translate well-known stories into emojis or create their own emoji tales. Alternatively, you could translate a story into emoji and ask the kids to translate it and write their own version.

4. Emoji challenges

Challenges are always fun! We’ve created three emoji activities for you to have a go at, but can your children have a go at creating their own? Perhaps they could create their favourite song lyrics, a play script or a page of a much-loved book out of emojis, a great way to get them thinking about the content and working on their comprehension.

Pobble Emojis

5. Emoji poetry

This fun emoji poem is a great starting point for your class to write their own emoji poetry. You could give them a selection of emojis to choose from or let them choose their own and get creative!


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