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5 spring-themed quick writes

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 9, Mar 2021
25 min read

If you've got a few minutes spare and want to work on your pupils writing skills, then Pobble's quick writes are ideal. They begin with some thought-provoking images and are followed by open ended questions or writing prompts.

We recommend that these are completed in under 10 minutes and are not marked. The aim is to encourage your class to write down whatever comes to mind, and focus on completing the task rather than quality and accuracy.

These short, informal lessons have many benefits, including:

✏️ focusing pupils' attention at the beginning of lessons
✏️ developing writing fluency
✏️ encouraging creative and critical thinking
✏️ reinforcing vocabulary with our word banks
✏️ demonstrating understanding of key concepts.

Here are 5 quick writes for the spring season, perfect if you're short of time or need a warm up!

A world without bees

Bees are some of the most important creatures we share this planet with. What will your class think would happen if bees were no longer around to pollinate all of the flowers, fruits and vegetables? What would the world look like?

bees pobble quick writeSee the quick write

Signs of spring

As we emerge from winter, signs of spring begin to appear all around us. Can your class describe what they can see, hear, smell, taste and touch in the springtime?

photo-1455479304476-b668bfbe1b0dSee the quick write

Lamb life

One of the most joyful springtime sights is seeing lambs frolicking in the fields! This quick write will get your class thinking about the adventures of a newborn lamb.

Pobble lamb quick write

See the quick write

Sprouting seedlings

This quick write will give your class the opportunity the think about the life of a seed and its growth. As the tiny seedling slowly, but surely pushes its way through the firm soil can they write about the process?

Pobble seeds quick write

See the quick write

Rainbow journeys

You can't touch rainbows, but IMAGINE if you could walk up and over a rainbow and it took you anywhere you wished! Where would your class go and what would it be like?

pobble rainbow quick writeSee the quick write


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