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5 quick writes for the run up to Christmas

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 4, Nov 2020
21 min read

If you've got a few minutes spare and want to work on your pupils' writing skills, then Pobble's quick writes are ideal. They begin with some thought-provoking images and are followed by open ended questions or prompts.

We recommend that these are completed in under 10 minutes and are not marked. The aim is to encourage your class to write down whatever comes to mind, and focus on completing the task rather than quality and accuracy.

These short, informal lessons have many benefits, including:

✏️ focusing pupils' attention at the beginning of lessons
✏️ developing writing fluency
✏️ encouraging creative and critical thinking
✏️ reinforcing vocabulary with our word banks
✏️ demonstrating understanding of key concepts.

Here are 5 quick writes for the run up to Christmas, perfect if you're short of time or need a warm up!

Fireworks senses

Bonfires and fireworks send the senses into overdrive! There's so much to see, hear and smell, this quick write will get your class exploring those senses.

Firework quick write

See the quick write

Remembrance Day

It's a poignant time of year, a time to honour fallen heroes and reflect upon their service and sacrifice. It's also an opportunity to teach your class about these important historical events and why we remember. 

Remembrance quick write

See the quick write


Anti-bullying week is Monday 16th November - Friday 20th November, of course we should strive to combat bullying every day of the year. This short writing activity explores what we can do about bullying.

Bullying quick write

See the quick write


We take a look at the best things about winter. Your pupils will delve into the positives of winter and write about all the best bits! 

winter quick writeSee the quick write


How does an ordinary tree feel about beautifully decorated Christmas trees? With this story starter your pupils can explain how the plain tree would choose to look if she were to be decorated too! 

christmas quick write

See the quick write


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