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4 simple tech ideas you can use to improve writing

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 17, Sep 2020
37 min read

As an edtech company we're always exploring ways that technology can support the teaching of writing.

It’s already commonplace in some schools to use state-of-the-art tech to bring writing to life. But what about the rest of us? What are the possibilities for the less tech-savvy teachers? 

We’ve seen a rapid increase in digital learning experiences, a trend that will impact the future of education. Teachers will always be the most valuable resource a school community has. There’s no replacing the human aspect of teaching. However, leveraging technology can greatly support you in teaching writing interactively. Here are 4 types of technology you can use to improve writing in your classroom:

1. Virtual Reality

Much like AR, VR (virtual reality) can help bring real experiences and raise engagement in the classroom. VR usually involves a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world. VR apps allow children to explore sensory experiences and environments, they can go on immersive adventures to explore the tomb of Tutankhamun or fly over the Grand Canyon! It’s always easier to write from actual experience. It allows for a deeper understanding and expression of thought. For many children, VR can introduce them to situations they may not otherwise experience. It's not often that the medium of virtual reality is used for literature, but the engagement it brings to your English lessons is well worth it!



2. Augmented reality

We’ve already begun to see the impact of augmented reality (AR) in the classroom. An abundance of apps and inspirational teachers make it possible. AR is where digital elements are added to a live view. Real life is modified and enhanced by computer-generated sights and sounds. With AR apps, it appears that a computer generated image (CGI) is really there! Having a real life dinosaur in the classroom or a visit from a Viking could inspire some incredible writing!

ICT Evangelist created this awesome list of AR and VR apps.

Plus these are the top picks recommended by the Pobble community:

3. Voice assistants

Imagine having a virtual voice assistant in the classroom. With modern tech, it’s possible and already used by many educators. Assistive devices such as Google Home, Amazon Echo and Siri can offer a wealth of support to busy teachers and learners. For example, you can ask a topic related question or access countdowns and timers hands-free. When supporting with the teaching of writing, voice assistants can be on hand to answer many questions:

“How do you spell_____?”

“What’s the definition of_____?”
“What are the synonyms for_____?”

Or for more specific grammar questions and research on stories, topics or characters. Most voice assistants offer interactive speaking games on command too! If well managed your voice assistant can be a great classroom support.



Don’t panic that your role could be handed over to a robot in future. Robots are much more likely to be used as learning tools than as teachers in a classroom. Many types of basic robots are already being used to support writing, from playing word games, to sparking empathy to improve writing. In the near future, we’ll see a rise in humanoids (robots that resemble humans) being used to make personal connections with students and provide real-time feedback. There’s no doubt they will increase engagement! If nothing else, discussions of robots produce some awesome creative writing! Check out these examples on Pobble.

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