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The best homework ever!

by Anna Whiteley
on July 15, 2016


The summer holidays are nearly here! You can almost hear a collective sigh from children and teachers across the nation. As a teacher, the question is always: will you be setting summer homework or not?

The world of education is torn on the subject. Some believe that with such a long break from school, children need to remind themselves of all the wonderful things they’ve learnt throughout the school year and keep up their reading and writing skills so they don’t slip slowly backwards. Others think that homework will sap the joy and spontaneity from summer and that the pupils deserve some downtime.

As a parent I’d rather my children weren’t stuck inside the house worrying about schoolwork. It’s called the summer holiday for a reason right? Instead I’d rather we used the time to learn valuable life skills and get outside and enjoy ourselves. With my teacher hat on, on the other hand, I would like them to at least pick up a book or pencil at some point over the break.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with the best homework ever! We believe it’s the right balance of super fun, educational and treasured essential skills. If you’re a teacher, it’s perfect for printing off and sending home with each of your pupils for the summer. If you’re a parent wanting to keep your kids busy, set them on a mission to complete the list over the break.

Download and print The best homework ever (pdf)

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Your homework for this summer. How many of these can you do? Choose at least 5 of these to complete.

  1. Make up an exciting adventure story in your head – can you retell it to someone?
  2. Invent something new, can you draw a picture of it or write a description?
  3. Read a book, comic or magazine somewhere unusual. Can someone take a photo of you doing it?
  4. Make friends with someone new
  5. Find a hill and go rolling down it
  6. Have a water fight
  7. Make up a dance routine to your favourite song
  8. Go for a long walk somewhere you’ve never been before
  9. Collect some leaves and twigs and make a piece of ‘wild art’
  10. Build something – a den, a fort, your choice!
  11. Make paper aeroplanes and see which flies the furthest
  12. Start a scrapbook of your summer holiday memories
  13. Play a board game with your family
  14. Stay out till it’s dark. What can you spot? Stars? Bats? Or something else?
  15. Lie down outside and cloud spot, what shapes can you see?
  16. Write a letter or postcard to someone
  17. Climb up a tree and monkey around
  18. Learn something new, can you find a new hobby?
  19. Watch the sunset, can you draw a picture of it?
  20. Visit the library and find a new favourite book
  21. Get your wellies on and get muddy! Can you make a mud pie?
  22. Do something kind for someone
  23. Make shadow puppets, can you do a show for someone?
  24. Camp out in the garden, what an adventure!
  25. Find some flat stones and go stone skimming
  26. Start a collection
  27. Learn to use a compass, can you find your way with a map?
  28. Go on a bug hunt, how many can you find?
  29. Hide some treasure and make a treasure map for your friends to find it
  30. Help to make a delicious meal for your family

The main thing that you must do is…

Have fun!

We’d love to see what you come up with. Share your photos and homework stories with us on Twitter, Facebook or Pobble!