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Seven splendid spelling strategies

by Anna Whiteley
on January 17, 2017


Parents and teachers alike try all sorts of ways to get their kids to remember their spellings. I was speaking with a fellow parent the other day who changes the password on the family iPad to one of her daughters spellings each week so if her daughter wants to play on it, she has to remember how to spell the password correctly; genius!

But finding suitable spelling activities that both engage your kids and help them retain all their words is a tough job. Seeking a strategy where the children are engaging in a fun activity and are blissfully unaware that they’re committing their set words to memory is key. Here’s a round up of seven splendid strategies that should help to do just that.

Connect four spelling

We’re betting you have one of these lurking in the cupboard with missing pieces. Why not repurpose it as a spelling game and show your class an enjoyable way to practice.

Connect 4 Pobble


Bags of fun!

So simple, but so effective! Freezer bags filled with paint or anything squidgy are great fun for practising spellings or sight words.

Pobble bag


Vanishing words

Give your classes spelling practice a touch of magic! Give them a wand (paintbrush) and some magical potion (water) and see if the can make their spellings vanish.

Vanishing Pobble


Word dominos

Not only fun, but cheap and easy to make too! These word dominos are a great idea for learning CVC words.

Pobble dominos


Spelling scribbles

Get your kids to draw a giant scribble, then fill it with their spelling words in lots of bright colours. Not only will it help them commit the words to memory, but it’s great fun and the result looks good enough to frame!

Pobble Scribble


Spelling with Lego

Is there anything Lego can’t be used to support in the classroom? This idea for spelling practice is brilliant and certain to get the more hands-on pupils engaged.

Pobble lego


Walk the words

Get your kids up and moving to learn their sight words. Chalk on the playground and follow their steps.

Word walk Pobble


Do you have a splendid spelling strategy to share? Let us know over on Twitter @HeyPobble using the hashtag #Teachertips