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Mark making areas to motivate your writers

by Anna Whiteley
on January 18, 2017


Developing early writing skills is essential to instil a love of writing. For this, providing the opportunity is key: activities don’t need to be planned if plenty of resources are available for the pupils to access. These mark-making areas are sure to give you inspiration for your classroom and get your class writing.

Kapow! Wham! Zap!

Turn your class into super writers with this awesome Superhero area.

Super Pobble


I can write a…

Whether it’s a list, a letter or something else, any kind of writing improves your pupils’ literacy skills. This wonderful writing area gives your class inspiration. And it looks great!

Display pobble


Pirate Cove

This hidden writing area is sure to inspire some creative writing. Complete with pirate costumes and a plank to walk across. Swashbucklingly good!

Pobble pirate


Shed loads of inspiration

This outdoor writing shed is jam-packed with stacks of writing equipment to allow the children to practice their mark making skills.

Pobble shed


Mark make on the move

This writing portable trolley is brilliant for encouraging creative mark marking. Leave it in your playground or outdoor area to encourage your pupils to mark make on the go.

Pobble trolley


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