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5 epic class displays that instil a love of reading

by Anna Whiteley
on October 21, 2016


It’s not easy to nurture and develop a love of reading. That’s why you take every opportunity to encourage young bookworms to pick up a book. We found some creative teachers who did just that by turning a boring display board into an epic classroom wall.

Take a look at your teacher’s favourite book

Sharing what the teachers’ in school are reading lets the children see that you enjoy reading too.


(Credit Pinterest.)

Hey, I just met you…

This eye-catching ode to Carly Rae Jepsen’s song will have your pupils singing along and reaching for the books.


(Credit Pinterest.)

This book is so…

A book recommendation from their peers is sure to have your class intrigued and wanting to read.


(Credit Pinterest.)

If you liked the movie, you’ll love the book!

Everyone knows the book is usually better than the movie, grab your classes attention with this popcorningly good book display for movie lovers.


(Credit Pinterest.)

Reading gives your imagination wings!

Let your readers’ imaginations fly with this beautiful and inspiring butterfly display.


(Credit Pinterest.)

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