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The Mighty Write 2022

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 2, Feb 2022
49 min read

Submissions for The Mighty Write 2022 are now closed. Visit for more ways to inspire and motivate your class to write 💡

The winner of The Mighty Write 2022 is Mila from East Fremantle Primary School in Australia. You can read her winning entry here. 

The runners up are:

Indigo from Darra State School. Read the writing here.  
Anggun from International School Brunei. Read the writing here.
Lexie from John Purchase Public School. Read the writing here.


What would happen if your students took over the world for a day? If we put pupils' in a position of power? If the world was run by people who believe anything is possible. Would we see world peace, whoopie cushion chairs, environmental issues eradicated or endless ice cream for everyone?this-years-theme--landscapeWe're looking for creative thinkers, rising stars or future leaders for our Mighty Write competition and we think your class has what it takes! We've got an exclusive lesson plan created for you and your pupil's to explore what they'd do if they could take charge of our planet for a day. Enter The Mighty Write to find out if someone in your class has what it takes to rule the world! 

The competition is open to pupils around the world aged 9-11. Read on to find out out more...


What’s it all about?

The Mighty Write is an opportunity for pupils aged 9-11 from around the world to get creative and write the most imaginative pieces they can. Challenge your class to write about one thing they would change if the world was in their hands... If they ruled the world! Let their imaginations run wild and believe anything is possible.


How does it work?
Teachers submit their pupil’s work by easily uploading it to the Pobble platform, turning them into published authors and celebrating their creativity with Pobble's Worldwide audience. A real purpose to write! The ultimate reward comes when, on top of that, they have the chance to win great prizes!

Great prizes up for grabs!
Winning entries will be chosen by the Pobble Team and our Pobble Champions. Entries are in with the chance of winning an Amazon Dot for your classroom and some Pobble merchandise. Not only that, every single piece of writing published with the MightyWrite2022 tag will be entered into a prize draw to win prizes too, meaning that every young writer has the chance to win, no matter what their level.

Teaching ideas 💡
We've created a writing lesson full of ideas, prompts and supporting resources so you can run your own 'If I ruled the world' lesson. Visit Pobble and save our teaching resources.
Why not read other stories published on Pobble to get your creativity flowing! Read recent entries.

Key dates
Tuesday 1st March: Submissions open
Friday 1st April: Submission deadline
Friday 29th April: Winners announced and contacted

How to enter

When your class have written their masterpieces, don’t forget to share their imaginative entries on the Pobble site. It's easy! 

1. Sign in to Pobble. 
2. Select up to 3 of your favourite entries to submit. 
3. Upload up to 3 entries.
4. Tag them with MightyWrite2022.

If you've not used Pobble before, check out this short article and video which will help you upload your winning entries.

Get your class writing today! Enter our creative writing competition and win great prizes for your class, we can't wait to hear what fun, original, hilarious, ingenious or inspiring ideas they come up with! deadline

7 reasons why you should enter your class in The Mighty Write

  1. Win great prizes - Imagine the look on your pupil's faces when a piece of writing they did wins big for your class.
  2. Inspire your pupils - What a great way to motivate even your most reluctant writers - it’s a reason to write!
  3. Save time planning! We’ve put together a set of teaching ideas to help your pupils get creative and save you time. You can teach an inspiring writing lesson without the stress of planning it.
  4. Generate cool ideas - Get creative juices flowing as your class think up wild and wacky ways to change the world, who knows you might even inspire a future world leader! 
  5. Make your pupils feel proud - Our resources will help your pupils produce their best writing then all entries will be published on Pobble for our worldwide audience to celebrate!
  6. Celebrate their talent - Enter pieces from your talented writers or your pupils that find things a little trickier. Celebrating their work shows them their writing matters.
  7. Exposure for your school - Sharing writing on Pobble is a great way to shout about the brilliant young writers at your school.

Enter today!

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