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The Good News! A free writing resource

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 4, Oct 2021
25 min read

Even at the best of times, we all need a bit of positivity to brighten our day. That’s why Team Pobble is always on the lookout for your good news stories; tales to put a smile on our faces and distract people from the tough stuff.

⭐️ Do your children have good news to share?
⭐️ Have they learnt a new skill, taught their pet a trick or done something worth celebrating?
⭐️ Are they up for the challenge?

We need eager young reporters to write about positive local events and report them to our international audience.

New to reporting? Don’t worry! We’ve got a handy guide to writing a top-notch newspaper report below, plus a beautiful template for them to write on.

No matter how small the story, we’d love to hear them!

Download a copy of the template here.

Pobble good newsOnce they’ve written their good news report, simply take a photograph of it and share it with us on social media.

You’ll find us on:
🤩 Twitter: @HeyPobble
🤩 Facebook: @PobbleEducation
🤩 Instagram: @TeamPobble

We’ll share their reports with our global audience to raise as many smiles as possible!

Share our top tips with your children…

To write a good, good news report, follow these steps:

  1. Start with a clear and catchy headline — can you include alliteration, a rhyme or a pun?

  2. Sum up what the story is about in your opening line.

  3. Write in the third person and the past tense.

  4. In your first paragraph include the facts and further information.

  5. Cover the 5 Ws — WHAT happened? WHERE did it happen? WHO did it happen to? WHEN did it happen? WHY did it happen?

  6. Try to include quotes in your report. Can you interview someone? Don’t forget the speech marks!

  7. Add any other relevant information in your next paragraph.

  8. Finally, include a photograph or a picture drawn by you.

You can find lots of great examples of newspaper reports written by children around the world on 💡

Don’t forget! Take a photo of the finished report and share it with us on Social Media.

Happy reporting!

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