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Non-screen activities for book lovers

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 22, Feb 2021
10 min read

Non-screen, screen-free or offline time, whatever you choose to call it, we can all agree it's essential! In fact, it's especially important for children's brain development that they are given regular screen breaks.

We firmly believe that technology can be used to enable and inspire children's literacy learning, and Pobble is specifically designed for this. However, to develop those all-important literacy skills further, a wide range of learning opportunities are needed. And where better to find these opportunities? Books!

These 25 fun non-screen ideas will help children explore and write about their favourite books, stories and characters and maybe even inspire their own! Best of all? No screens required! Download your copy below...WBD Pobble non-screen

Download your copy

You can find 100 more activities to get the kids off the screens, but still having some serious fun right here.

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