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Pobble - so much more than Pobble 365

  • by: Anna from Pobble
  • On: 7, Oct 2021
25 min read

We’re incredibly proud of Pobble 365; we regularly hear how many teachers, parents and pupils around the world use it. As well as being recommended by the UK Department of Education, the site has recently been named in Waitrose’s 6 of the best websites to keep children happy! 

If you didn’t already know, Pobble 365 offers a completely free, ready-made writing resource, 365 days a year!

What we also hear frequently, however, is that teachers didn’t know Pobble offers so much more than Pobble 365… If you’re already a Pobble 365 user, you’ll love what you can do on, it’s where the real magic happens!

Subscribing for a Pobble account allows you as a teacher to do lots more with Pobble 365 tasks. Here’s what you can do:

Search and discover

Once you’re in your Pobble account, you can discover heaps of fresh teaching inspiration by searching for a topic. You can also filter by age. Not only does this allow you to search for exactly which Pobble 365 image will suit your lesson, but in ‘Discover Pobble’ you’ll also have access to high quality, ready-made, age-specific lessons on a variety of topics. We add two new lessons every week! The age-specific lessons provide a series of tasks including vocabulary, spellings, punctuation and grammar challenges as well as comprehension questions and a creative task. All of which help the children to write in a specific genre. A real time saver for busy teachers!


If the content you discover doesn’t quite fit your pupils’ needs, you have the power to edit the lessons easily. You can create your own copy and chop and change it to your heart’s content. Ideal for differentiation! Just a reminder: this is not possible in Pobble 365, gives you much more control over your lessons!

Present and share

The best bit about the content within Pobble, whether it’s one of our ready-made lessons or one you’ve created yourself, is that it’s easily shareable with others. You have the option to present to pupils, either in a class or in a live online lesson OR copy the link to share with fellow teachers or for parents and pupils at home to easily access! They don’t even need to register to access this!

Build a lesson

Once you have become familiar with using Pobble lessons and maybe editing the content, you may want to try building your own lesson. Our intuitive and easy to use lesson builder tool, allows teachers to create their own lessons within Pobble. These are made using our unique, ready-made lesson slides. The slides allow you to add text, images, resources, websites, success criteria and notes.

Our lesson builder is unique because it also gives you the opportunity to…

Find real writing examples

Pobble also offers the world’s largest bank of children’s writing examples. The work has been written by children from all over the world and published on With hundreds of thousands of pieces of writing on the website, all searchable by age, genre, objective or topic it’s effectively a search engine of children’s writing. These can be added to your lessons, perfect for teaching ideas, guided reading, ‘up-levelling’, topic research and ‘WAGOLLs’. With a ‘Pobble for me’ subscription, you also have access to a bank of exemplars — the best pieces from each year group to use in your lessons to support any aspect of the writing process.

Publish and engage

Give your pupils the ultimate purpose to write, the opportunity to have their work published to an authentic, global audience! Pobble’s audience is filled with teachers, parents and other children from around the world who all can comment on and celebrate the writing on the website. Publishing their work on Pobble allows for peer assessment on a global scale! Pupils can access lessons on their devices, type and upload work and have their work published for the world to enjoy! 


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