Teachers' Tales

Why I Champion Pobble

by Anna Aspery
on January 27, 2018


Here, at Kirkbymoorside Primary School, we have been using Pobble for the past two academic years. We have had fantastic feedback from children, staff and parents.

We use Pobble to celebrate children’s work on a regular basis and post these pieces of work on our school page for the world to see! The children feel a huge sense of pride when their writing is published, and they are constantly checking to see whether other children have commented on their work. It is lovely for the children and staff to see children’s parents commenting on their child’s writing with positive and encouraging comments.

Personally, I love Pobble as it gives every child the opportunity to share their work with the rest of the world. We strive to publish a wide range of work from all abilities: if the children have excelled, their work will be chosen. Children enjoy commenting on other’s work and use examples from Pobble to give them the inspiration to write.

Currently, I have two Y6 children who are in charge of promoting Pobble and who keep our Pobble display up-to-date – changing our work examples, views and likes weekly. These children are also on hand to give any assistance to children who are struggling for what to write when commenting on other’s writing.

As Pobble Champion, I have felt completely supported by the Pobble team and, if I ever have any queries, their responses are informative and prompt. This year, we had a very successful Pobble Launch Day in which Miriam delivered an exciting assembly to all the school around time-travel. We are following this up with another internal Pobble day this term. During these days, all the children immerse themselves in their own world and the resulting writing is phenomenal.

Overall, I can be sure that our writing standards wouldn’t be where they are today if we had not had involvement with Pobble; the outcomes we receive as a school reflect the children’s enthusiasm and drive to produce a fantastic piece of writing. Our Pobble monitors make themselves well-known and are always on hand to give helpful advice and guidance to both children and staff. The Pobble team are friendly, enthusiastic and extremely supportive of everything we do as a school. I urge any school out there that hasn’t had the Pobble experience to sign up at once – it’s fabulous!

Anna Aspery is a Year 6 teacher, Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator and Pobble Champion at Kirkbymoorside Primary School. Find out more about Pobble Champions here.