Teachers' Tales

What real teaching looks like

by Anna Whiteley
on March 30, 2017


If stock photos were to be believed, teaching is all radiant smiles, spick-and-span classrooms and spotless apples…

I think, you all know better. With quite a few years in the classroom under my belt, and now working with teachers across the country every day, I know it, too. Life as a teacher can be tough. It’s rewarding, but tough. And, no, classrooms aren’t littered with bright green and shiny red apples.

Pobble class

If they’d be quietly working… you’d be getting your marking done.

Pobble happy class

They seem particularly excited about their next homework assignment!


Their hands are up, but do they just need the toilet?

Pobble classroom

Way too good a view! They’d be looking outside all day! And how immaculate is the classroom?


Oh, and the man in the back of the room…inspection.

Pobble apples

And again… What’s with the apples?

Yes! We’re just having a laugh! The truth is: teachers’ lives aren’t as easy as the pictures make it look. Teachers spend hours marking the children’s work and trawling the internet for the best resources. They stay up late planning to make sure their lessons are exciting. They’re kept awake at night with thoughts of Ofsted and troublesome class issues. They spend their own hard earned cash on provisions and resources for the kids.

Real teachers put their heart and soul into it for the best of reasons: the children. And whilst the job isn’t always smiles, the rewards more than make up for it.

So this is for you, real teachers! We want to show you some teacher appreciation. We want to show the world just how hard you work and all the amazing things you do to give your class the most incredible learning journey. Real classrooms that you lovingly decorate, real displays that you spend hours on. Real life.

Send us your real teaching photos on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #realteaching and we’ll share them with our teaching community to show the world that there is so much more to teaching!